Mosaic Inspiration – RHS Hampton Court Flower Show

cropped-cropped-sunshine-stepping-stone.jpg I had a lovely day out at Hampton Court Flower Show last week. I try to do all the big garden shows: Hampton Court, Malvern, Tatton and of course Chelsea. There is something very special about Chelsea and as I am lucky enough to live in London I am usually there as the gates open at 8am which means I have a full, exhausting and expensive day.

Tracy Foster's GOLD Award Winning Garden

Tracy Foster’s GOLD Award Winning Garden

Each year I notice the various trends in planting and the hard landscaping as well as the sculptures and novelties people put into their show gardens. Although I have seen the odd one or two, I am always amazed at how little mosaic is used. However, this year Tracy Foster  designed a beautiful garden with this gorgeous hedgehog mosaic – it was a GOLD WINNER – congratulations Tracy. Click on her name link to see her stunning designs.

Mosaic Hedgehog by Julie Cope

Mosaic Hedgehog by Julie Cope

The beautiful mosaic hedgehog was made by Julie Cope a Yorkshire artist. She is mainly a painter who specialises in wildlife and animal art but has got involved in community art projects and mosaics as well. Click on her name link to see her beautiful work.   I love making outdoor mosaics and I have several in my garden. This ammonite is my latest piece and was made from a template using the reversal method and then ‘cast’ in concrete. It is the first time I have cast anything and I am pleased with the results, although I think the concrete may not be the best mix. Can anyone out there let me know what mix they use to cast mosaics?

Mosaic Ammonite

Mosaic Ammonite

When I go to networking events, we are all encouraged to ‘make a request’ because you never know who knows who and what connections people may have – however tenuous they may seem. I have therefore decided that at the end of each Blog I will make a request. If you think you know someone that may be able to help with one of my requests – please pass this Blog on to them. Thank you.   Request: I would love to get together with a garden designer and have some of my mosaic pieces in an RHS show garden. Tracy, do you have any colleagues wanting to put on a show garden? Anyone out there willing to work with me??? Coming soon: Some local artists that I have had the pleasure to work with.

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