Artists I Like – Cathy Duncan

ARTISTS I LIKE – Cathy Duncan

During our recent visit to Northumberland we had a trip out to Horsley and visited The Hearth Art Centre and Café. Near to Hadrian’s Wall, this Victorian gothic revival Church has a fascinating history that dates back to the 17th century. A registered charity, it is now a hub for arts, music and heritage with a licensed café selling fair trade drinks, homemade cakes, light lunches and Sunday dinners.

CathyDuncan4We visited Cathy Duncan, a printmaker, in her top floor studio. Although she had only just got back from an exhibition and was busy unpacking her work, she gave us a very warm welcome and was happy to spend time telling us about her work, inspiration and processes.
Her is what she says:

“Although I am a printmaker, an important part of my work is drawing what is happening around me.  I make sketches from life of musicians at all sorts of music festivals and exhibit them at the festival as in the Keswick Jazz Festival and Hexham Abbey Festival.

It is the sketches that I make of landscapes, plants and people that inform my linocuts. I usually work on a series of prints about a subject with a bit of a narrative, referring to my sketch books. Below are some linocuts – my husband’s brothers and their families enjoying themselves in the walled garden of the old family house in Scotland.


Cathy Duncan

Cathy Duncan

Cathy Duncan

Cathy Duncan

Cathy Duncan

Cathy Duncan

I will be exhibiting next at the Baliffgate Museum, Alnwick “Print ” Exhibition from 4th November to 2nd February. I am pleased to see anyone in my studio at The Hearth on the days when I am working there.”

It was lovely to learn more about the linocut process and Cathy’s work is lovely, very intricate with each piece telling a story. It was great seeing it in such a lovely venue which is well worth a visit if you are up that way. There are several other studios and artists based there, some of which I will feature in future Blogs.


REQUEST: I would really like to get my work into galleries and art cafes. If you have any contacts that can help me achieve this, please pass this Blog site on to them.


COMING NEXT: Artists I Like – Rebecca Vincent

2 responses to “Artists I Like – Cathy Duncan

  1. So pleased you enjoyed your visit to The Hearth Roseanna ! Thank you for featuring my work. It is so interesting to exchange ideas and I welcome any comments. I like your work and website and I hope your blog goes from strength to strength.

  2. Thank you for such positive feedback Cathy. The Hearth is a fantastic place and I hope next time we are in Northumberland to visit some more Art Cafes and Galleries.

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