Mosaic Inspiration – The Martin Cheek Challenge


When I first starting mosaicing I found it very hard to get inspiration and ideas. I remember I was exhibiting at a Gallery in Runnymede and my friend Sue asked where I got my inspiration from and I didn’t really have an answer. I then started to think more seriously about the question and I can now answer Sue ‘mainly from nature – the pattern and colour of leaves and trees, reflections on the sea, patterns on the sand, landscapes and fields’.  I am also inspired a lot by other  art forms and am heavily influenced by strong colours in everyday life.

I feel I am now at the stage where I can make a competent mosaic piece but would like to hone and fine tune my skills much more. When I take a photo of a landscape or scene, I find it hard to translate that into a mosaic. I can see a range of colours but am not sure how to make a visual mosaic from them.  I have now bought Martin Cheek’s book Fused Glass Mosaics: Master Class Techniques with Martin Cheek” which I hope will help me to progress to a better level of work.  Martin explains that it is just right for people at my stage of the mosaic process. Each chapter explains an aspect of mosaicing and then sets you a challenge.

Rebecca%20Vincent%20Comet%20BurnChallenge No.1. was to think about where you get your inspiration – (which in itself was challenging) –  hence my above answer to Sue!

Challenge No. 2. was to take a picture from a favourite artist and make your own style and version but using their principles.  I picked the work of Rebecca Vincent (see earlier Blog and her picture left) as I love her blocks of colours and effects.

Below is the result. Although it is a very simple piece, it took me more time than any previous mosaic to get perspective, style and colouring right. This is probably the first time I have seriously considered the piece I am working on and planned it properly rather than just starting and plughing on with it.

Cliffs MosaicWhat do you think. I am now using this ‘block colour’ effect in other pieces and really like the results.

I feel I have learnt a lot already and look forward to tackling the other challenges.


Mosaic Fields

REQUEST:  I would love to hear from anyone else that has taken or is taking Martin’s Challenge and hear how they found it.

COMING SOON:  A key influence on my mosaic work – Kitty.

3 responses to “Mosaic Inspiration – The Martin Cheek Challenge

  1. An interesting piece Rosanna. Love the concept of the book and the way it moves your skills forward. Look forward to seeing your response to forthcoming challenges, this is a great start.

    • Thank you Glenda. Yes, it is fascinating going through the process and I am realising a lot of things about the way I work. The next Challenge involves ‘space’ so that should be interesting! Rosanna

  2. Great reaad thankyou

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