The Marple Collection Weekend Event

I am really looking forward to my forthcoming  Marple Collection Event and as there is only a week to go, I have a lot to do.


with Lesley at South St. Gallery

When I first met Lesley at the South Street Gallery, as well as offering me some shelf space to display my mosaic art, she also suggested that I might light to have a weekend event. We agreed on an October date which seemed a long time away. My how time flies when you have a deadline.

My event is next weekend 17th & 18th October from 1.00pm – 5.00pm at the South Street Gallery in Isleworth.  I will be there the whole time to welcome you, ready to answer any mosaic questions you may have.  I will be working on a small demonstration piece so you can see the techniques involved in mosaic making. All my mosaic pieces on show will be available to buy, you can commission a piece or book up for a mosaic lesson.

Roughly marked out

Working on a Marple

Rather than display my usual mosaic work I felt I was at the stage in my mosaic life where I should have a “Collection”. I had recently moved away from my usual abstract / pictorial style to make a very geometric mosaic for a large outdoor commission. I loved the discipline of making this piece and working within strict grid-lines and angles. I thought it would nice to make some more pieces like that, hence the Marple Collection was born and will be revealed next weekend.


‘Nudes’ by Lesley Miller

Talking about revealing…….artist Lesley Miller and Artist Director of South Street Gallery has recently produced a calendar of painted Nudes which she is selling in order to raise money for 2 domestic abuse charities.  Her original paintings for this calendar will be on display and The Nudes Calendar will be available to order at my event.  A huge thanks goes out to all those brave people who were wiling to reveal and bare all for charity.

Continuing on the charity theme, I have made a mosaic called ‘Smalti Guinea Fowl’ which is inspired and copied from an original mosaic by Martin Cheek. Martin is a well known mosaic artist who is well respected throughout the mosaic community.  As well as producing stunning, original work, he has written several books and runs mosaics workshops throughout the world.

Smalti Guinea Fowl

‘Smalt Guinea Fowl’ from an ORIGINAL by Martin Cheek

I will be taking suggested ‘donations’ for this piece and accepting the highest offer which will then all go to the 2 domestic abuse charities.


REQUEST: Do come along to my event, buy a calendar, view the mosaics (and buy) and donate lots of money to charity – what could be a better and more rewarding  way to spend a weekend!


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