Exhibitions and Book Signings

South Street Exhibition

South Street Exhibition

Had a good exhibition last weekend at the South Street Gallery. Not such a good idea to pick a weekend with full on rugby as a lot of friends preferred to stay by the TV and others didn’t want to drive anywhere near Twickenham because of diversions, closures etc. – can’t say I blame them really. However, we still had a steady stream of people and all visitors were made very welcome with a glass of fizz and nibbles and a good selection of art to look at.

I sold quite a lot of smaller item and had a lot of inquiries re lessons and commissions so fingers crossed, you never know where these things will lead.

Lesley with her 'Nudes Calendar' and 'Poppies' oil painting.

Lesley with her ‘Nudes Calendar’ and ‘Poppies’ oil painting.

Artist Lesley Miller was promoting and selling  ‘The Nudes’ calendar and she was also exhibiting the original oil paintings that went into the calendar. All monies from the calendar will go towards 2 domestic abuse charities, so a really worthwhile cause. If you would like to order a calendar through me, they are £10 (minimum) donation plus £3 p&p UK

P1050541My work will remain in the gallery until 1st November and you are still able to make a bid in my ‘Silent Auction’ for my Smalti Guinea Fowl (from an original by Martin Cheek). The piece will go to the highest bidder and the money will also go to the 2 domestic abuse charities.  A great cause to support.

The South Street Gallery is newly opened in the lovely historic Old Isleworth. Its in a lovely, peaceful square, a stone’s throw from the famous London Apprentice pub and the river. Lesley (Artistic Director) is planning on having several events and exhibitions over the next few months so there will always be new art to see. She will be having an event over Remembrance Weekend in November.

LONDON ACTIVITIES: On a totally different note, I went to a book signing at Waterstones Islington Green during the week.  JamesBowen and ‘Street Cat Bob’ were signing his new paperback book ‘A Gift from Bob’. James’s first book ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ is the inspiring, true life story of how Bob and James (who was homeless and a drug addict) found each other and their friendship changed their lives around.

As well as getting my book and calendar signed, Bob did a dedication to my cat Sophie on the back of her mosaic along with his paw print!!

Sophie Kitten with her mosaic!

My Sophie Cat with her Bob signed mosaic

3 REQUESTS for this week please – all for good causes: 

Buy a ‘Nudes’ calendar

Make a ‘Secret Auction’ bid

Read ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ –  such an incredible, inspiring and uplifting story.



2 responses to “Exhibitions and Book Signings

  1. Good Afternoon Rosanna,

    Marvellous that your work will remain in the Gallery until the first of November. The photograph on this mornings blog, showing the “Wall”, in such detail, looked Fabulous. We both loved the layout, so fresh, colourful and such a variety of pieces. We’ve loved seeing it in such real clarity too. We both love the Ram, very much indeed, but having said that, we think they are all really amazing. We would like to know how we go about entering the Silent Auction, and we will have two of the Nude Calendars also.

    All made for another very interesting blog!

    Love to you Both, Hilary and Pauline. xx

  2. Hello Ladies and lovely to hear from you.
    Thank you for your positive comments (as always), really appreciated. Reginald Ram is an outside piece but all the Marples (inspired by your Mother Marple) are indoors. I will get you the calendars and email you with more detailed info on how to bid for the Silent Auction.
    Chat soon, Rosanna

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