Starting Up A Small Business

My long term Business Adviser and friend Glenda Shawley of The Training Pack has recently had her first book published.

“Founded After 40” – How to start a business when you haven’t got time to waste – is a rich source of information, advice and help which leads you through the challenges of setting up a locally based business one step at a time. It highlights the pitfalls to avoid, decisions that need to be made and actions to be taken.

I met Glenda many years ago at my first networking event (I was shaking on arrival) and had just started my own free-lance business. She provided me with lots of invaluable help on setting up, marketing and PR. She has been just as supportive when I changed from ‘business’ to ‘creative’ and set up Rosanna’s Mosaics.

To get some ‘on the ground insights’ for her book, Glenda interviewed several small businesses that she had helped, including myself. It was fascinating to see myself quoted and it made me take time out to reflect if those comments from a while back are still relevant today.

PRICING:  Giving a price, whether for a piece of business advice, a service or a piece of art is always hard, this is what’s in the book:

“Pricing is still a big issue for mosaicist Rosanna Henderson, as it is for many artists. She recognised that there is a price cap on what people are prepared to spend at craft fairs and that made it really difficult to make money.  Now that she works mainly by commission she has a better formula for working out her prices but it’s still difficult to charge for all the time involved’.

I still think this stands today and it opens up the whole topic of ‘why is artwork so expensive’ which I will tackle in a future Blog.  The other area were I am quoted concerns my core aims and values – definately worth its own Blog.

So, you know what is coming up in future Blogs, if you want to me concentrate on any other specific topics, please let me know.

Glenda’s book is available now,  do visit her website.

However do you price an outdoor piece like this – 4 foot long and 2 foot wide?




4 responses to “Starting Up A Small Business

  1. Hi Rosanna, on the contrary, I would comment “Why is artwork so cheap?” Art and craft is still very much undervalued here in the UK. The majority of people just look at the item and only see the components involved (even if that much!) without taking into account the hours of work involved. A difficult and controversial topic. Barbara x

    • Thank you Barbara, that is such a valid comment. Not only the hours of work but the passion and emotion that an artist puts into a piece makes it so personal as well. I was talking to another mosaic artist at an exhibition and we were both surprised and intrigued that so many people, when they are viewing our mosaics, ask ‘how long did that take?’. No one would ask an oil painter that, or a photographer, or a writer. It seems that they need to know it took ages to justify the price. Or maybe, people do recognise that mosaics take a long time.

      I have been wanting to write a Blog on pricing for ages but don’t feel I have the writing ability to convey what I want to say – maybe it is just time to ‘go for it and speak what I feel’.

      Rosanna x

  2. This is great Rosanna! Thanks v much :)x Naomi Healy

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