BEAT Ealing Art Trail 2018 – This Weekend

After months of planning, making, grouting and polishing mosaics, updating Blogs and Facebook Posts, delivering brochures, replenishing business cards, reminding friends and anyone I meet – BEAT has arrived and it is NOW!

BEAT Ealing Art Trail is taking place this and next weekend. I will be exhibiting each Friday 4pm – 8pm and each Saturday and Sunday from 11am – 6pm and I am Venue 84 in the brochure. You can download a pocketsize A5 brochure from the website or if you live local, collect one from the many places in the Borough of Ealing.

Do try and come along if you can and also share this Blog and spread the word to others. There are a whole range of us local Ealing artists exhibiting our varied work from painting, drawing, ceramics, stained glass, sculptures, photography. We are in various venues including our homes, studios, churches, cafes, coffee shops.

Glass on Glass – on display at BEAT

We have spent all year preparing for this and we are ready to share our work with you so DO COME ALONG.

2 responses to “BEAT Ealing Art Trail 2018 – This Weekend

  1. Hi Rosanna,

    Been thinking about you and hoping all your preparations are coming to fruition for what we are sure will be a fabulous display.
    We are keeping everything crossed that we can come to you for a day on the second weekend.
    All best wishes for a great first weekend!! Love Christine xx

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    • Hi C&C,

      Just about ready now – whew!
      Fab launch party during the week which set us all up very nicely. Looking forward to welcoming some visitors. Would be brill if you managed to come up – fingers crossed. Rx

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