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Rosanna’s Mosaics combines a spectrum of stunning colours and subtle shades to create mosaic art pieces of unique vibrancy and character. Her mosaics are beautiful and unique yet affordable so that anyone who loves art can enjoy an original mosaic in their home or garden.


As a Professional Member of BAMM – British Association for Modern Mosaic, Rosanna’s Mosaics is passionate about continuing the fascinating ancient art of mosaics, but using her own modern, contemporary style. Her aim is to open people’s minds and perceptions to the endless possibilities this wonderful art form offers.

Beautiful, original, affordable mosaic art.

Tree of Life

This Autumn Tree and Eye of the Storm are examples of the wonderful mosaic pictures, panels and abstracts Rosanna creates from her West London Studio.

Eye of the Storm

Mosaics are a stylish way to add colour and beauty to your home and garden. Browse Rosanna’s collection of outdoor mosaics which are fun and affordable.

Rosanna’s Mosaics publishes a regular Blog to keep you up to date with upcoming events and exhibitions.  Sign up on the Blog Page and be one of the first to view new mosaic art and read about the continuing story of ‘Rosanna’s Mosaics’.