As a very active person, I like nothing more than having a ‘project’ to work on.

In my previous business life I worked on major projects and co-ordinated a large range of activities and events.  Moving in to the ‘creative world’ I have discovered there are a lot of opportunities for me to utilise those organising skills and combine them with my love of working with people.

EXHIBITIONS: I quickly discovered the opportunity to exhibit my work and love the whole process of putting together an exhibition.

CRAFT FAIR AND ART SALE: I have organised 3 of these locally with my good friend Sally Kelly.

MOSAIC LESSONS: I give mosaic lessons on an ad-hoc, request led basis, usually one-to-one or for a small group. My ‘One Day Introduction to Basic Mosaic Skills’ is a fun day for people to make their first mosaic and get an understanding of basic mosaic skills.

COMMUNITY PROJECTS: I am keen to get involved in community projects for small voluntary organisations and charities on a voluntary basis. Doing ‘The Log Cabin Community Mosaic Project’ was an incredible experience and a huge challenge for all those involved. Having now completed the project, I am keen to get involved in another venture and am open to suggestions.