Grape and Ivy Table Top

The Grape and Ivy Table Top

“We love our new table top, definitely better than the original. We are so looking forward to putting it in situ and the red wine is ready to be uncorked.
Thank you Rosanna, it exceeds expectations as always.”
Bruno and Val


Sibels’ Triptych

Sibels’ Triptych

“I first came across Rosanna’s Mosaics in September 2017 on the Borough of Ealing Art Trail (BEAT). A small triptych depicting a sail boat bathed in brilliant sunshine and bobbing up and down on a cobalt blue sea was particularly memorable. It reminded me of my childhood holidays on the Adriatic. So, when I moved house in 2017 and was faced with an expanse of brick wall to fill, it occurred to me that a mosaic by Rosanna would liven up the space very nicely. A year later, Rosanna’s large triptych adorns my garden beautifully.
I liked the way Rosanna involved me in the project from inception to completion. We discussed all the stages of the project together. In the summer of 2018, I made several visits to her studio to help choose tile colours and approve designs. Rosanna was full of ideas and suggestions and sent me photos of work in progress on a regular basis. The triptych was installed in the autumn of 2018 and now brings a smile to my face every time I step onto my patio – even on a grey day!” Sibel Roller-Walach


Bird and Flowers

Bird and Flowers

“I’m extremely thrilled with the end result!  Rosanna worked incredibly hard to get just what I wanted!  Couldn’t be more delighted!”  –   Sarah


The Marple Mosaic

The Marple Mosaic

“Having found Rosanna, we quickly formed a strong working relationship. She was able to take our ideas and interpret them into the perfect mosaic for our new home. Keeping us informed throughout the process, she showed her professionalism, creativity and artistic skill. We love our mosaic and regard it as our “Compass of Life”.   – Hilary and Pauline


The Log Cabin Voluntary Project – Children’s Charity

Vivien and Kalpina with Log Cabin Spring Tree         3a “Rosanna Henderson has worked for two years on a voluntary basis on a community project at the Log Cabin children’s charity, producing 11 fabulous mosaics on a nature theme , which are charmingly scattered around our sensory garden and playground.

Steve Pound MP at Log Cabin

We found working with her a joy: she is passionate about her work and is always open and communicative with adults and children alike. This was a wonderful partnership for us – we knew that when she agreed to take on the project, she would deliver it as promised and remain totally committed throughout.

Rosanna also excels at encouraging and enabling others to donate or to give their time, and she  initiated and fast-forwarded several other projects for us.”

Vivien Dymock – Fundraising Manager – The Log Cabin


One response to “Testimonials

  1. Hilary M Nowell

    Just loved this Japanese – like Mosaic, Bird and Flowers. Rosanna’s artistic flair protrayed a peaceful and meditational delight, which one would never tire of looking at whilst admiring her skill.

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