Welcome to Rosanna’s Mosaics

Rosanna Henderson Mosaic Artist London

Rosanna Henderson

Hello and welcome to Rosanna’s Mosaics and my first Blog. The aim of this Blog is to keep people up to date with all the latest news on my mosaics. I will be letting you know of my events and exhibitions that are coming up and any special news.  I will also be chatting about any exhibitions and shows that I visit, artists and galleries I like and anything else that catches my imagination and I think others may be interested in.

Cragside on Slate

Cragside on Slate

On this site is a gallery of my work and I will be posting pictures of new pieces and commissions. As I take yet another small and tentative step into the world of social media, I hope you will follow my Blog, pass on any helpful tips and let me know of anything you would like me to include or share. R.

2 responses to “Welcome to Rosanna’s Mosaics

  1. Em Cunningham

    Rosanna, your work is stunning! Congratulations on a beautiful website. Em

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