Artists I Like – Rebecca Vincent

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA Card-Earth-Lines-Rebecca-VincentAnother Artist I met when I visited The Hearth Art Centre and Café in Northumberland was Rebecca Vincent. Her work is stunning and I fell in love with her style as soon as I saw it. She very kindly showed me around her studio where I saw many examples of her beautiful work.



Rebecca studied Fine Art at Oxford and Newcastle Universities before becoming a professional artist specialising in printmaking.



Rebecca%20Vincent%20Comet%20BurnHer etchings and monotypes of the north-east landscape have deep, glowing colours and delicate textures. She uses a wide range of hand printed marks to convey the patterns of fields, hills and hedgerows, resulting in an almost abstract pattern of intersecting shapes.

I love her use of strong, blocky colours and the variety of interesting textures that she uses to produce her distinctive landscape style.

Rebecca’s work is on display at a number of galleries across the UK including The Biscuit Factory in Newcastle. Do visit her website to see her beautiful work.

I hope to go on one of her workshops next year and she has also very kindly given me permission to let me use her style of work as the inspiration for my ‘Martin Cheek Challenge’.



REQUEST:  I am still keen to get my work into Galleries so if you know any gallery owners or people who may be able to help, please pass this Blog on to them.

COMING SOON: The Martin Cheek Challenge

2 responses to “Artists I Like – Rebecca Vincent

  1. Wow Rosanna, these are beautiful – I can’t wait to hear all about your Martin Cheek Challenge

  2. Thanks Louise, yes her work is stunning. I have already done 2 of the Challenges and they certainly are challenging, but I have learnt a lot already. R.

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