My Mosaic Story – Kitty’s Workshop


Metal sculpture by Kitty Hartnell

So having got interested in making mosaics I started to buy supplies and materials and made various mosaics from projects suggested in books. However, I really wanted to join a group of other mosaic makers in order to learn more, get ideas, swop tips and techniques and be part of a group. I tried to see if there were any groups locally but most were ‘art groups’ that didn’t really fit the bill.


Mosaic Poppies by Kitty Hartnell

Now isn’t funny how, when you want something, it often materialises. Purely by chance, I went to a charity craft evening run by Kitty Hartnell, a metal and mosaic maker. After chatting for a while Kitty told me she runs a weekly workshop, for people of all levels interested in making mosaics, and invited me along to a session.

Since becoming a regular at Kitty’s weekly mosaic workshops, I know my technique, style and confidence have improved greatly. Kitty does not give lessons as such – we are all at different stages and make what we want. However, she provides constant advice and guidance and will teach a skill or technique as requested. She is brilliant on colour and texture and always seems to find that ‘special’ tile that really makes the mosaic come alive.

St. Marys Lighthouse

the ‘fence’ !

I am not artistically trained so Kitty – in her gentle, understated way – has really helped my work to progress – I have learnt so much about scale, formation, structure, colour and materials. She has really helped me with my artistic ‘eye’ especially on perspective, scale and structure. The first time I made a mosaic based on a photo, I spent 3 hours putting in a ‘fence’ and 10 minutes de-glueing it, so at the end of the session I had an empty board! The following week Kitty helped me with the perspective and now people always comment on how good that fence is and how it makes the piece so realistic.


Mosaic by Kitty Hartnell

Kitty won’t accept the phrase ‘that will do’. So even when I make mosaics at home I can hear her words in my ear, sometimes annoyingly, so if a piece is wrong, I can’t ignore it – it won’t do!

Have a look at her website to see the beautiful mosaic and metalwork pieces that Kitty makes.


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