Best Wishes for the Festive Season


As Christmas draws nearer by the day it is time for me to publish my last ‘post’  of the year. I have really enjoyed being a new ‘Blogger’ and look forward to covering a whole range of subjects next year – all with a mosaic connection of course.

I would be interested to know what topics you have enjoyed reading about most and if there is anything you would like me to cover? I usually try to link things in with my mosaic work and I always try to have some mosaic pictures so you get an idea of my work and how it is evolving.  My first Blog next year will be a review of 2014, which has been a great year overall and very successful mosaic wise.


In the meantime, let me wish you all a lovely Christmas and festive period, wherever you are and whoever you are with. May 2015 be healthy, happy, fun and successful for us all.

Rosanna xx


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2 responses to “Best Wishes for the Festive Season

  1. Hi Rosanna
    Best wishes to you too for a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year.
    It’s been so interesting reading your blog about your progress and success in the world of mosaics. Look forward to reading more of your news in 2015!
    Barbara Wood

    • Hi Barbara, Lovely to hear from you. Hope you had a great Christmas, we were in Northumberland and have just got back ready to see the New Year in. Thank you for your kind words, its been good fun and I am looking forward to more blogging in 2015. Hope your ‘new life’ is working well and do let me know if you are in Ealing any time and we can meet for a coffee/ chat. Rx

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