Mosaic Lessons

My First Mosaic

My First Mosaic

I first made a mosaic with my friend Julia one afternoon in her garden studio, it was a ‘play’ session and I had never done mosaic work before.  I realised I liked it enough to go on a weekend beginners course with Ros Waites.  It was with Ros that I leant to place, cut, stick etc. –  the basics needed to get me started.It was then a case of practice, practice, practice – and it still is!

Later on I had a weekend course with Aimee Harman and I now do a weekly workshop with Kitty Harnall and I continue to practice, practice, practice.

Lesson 4Over the years a lot of people have shown an interest in my work and have asked if I could show them how to do it. Whilst I am still very much the new girl on the mosaic block, and in no way claim to be an expert, I am happy to show other people how to get started with the basic placing, cutting, sticking etc.  Then you need to practice!

P1030519Those of you that know me, know that I am a great one for getting things organised so my ‘showing’ has now evolved into a basic one day mosaic workshop for beginners. It is a fun, busy, hands on day where people get to make a small mosaic that they take home with them. The emphasis is on the practical rather than the theory and I am able to show a wide range of different mosaic styles, materials, ideas etc.

I run these workshops on a request led basis for small groups or one-to-one. If you are interested, please contact me and I can send you some more info.

I am happy to tailor make something around your requirements.

REQUEST: Who do you know that may like a mosaic lesson? It could be a great idea for a present.

COMING SOON: 2015 looks like it is going to be a busy mosaic year for me, Details to come.



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