Hat-Trick – The Commission


Things have been really busy in my mosaicing life and there are lots of exciting activities going on.

I was delighted to receive a commission from a new client. It is for a large outdoor piece to go into a recess in the wall of their lovely courtyard garden. Pictures of the space and garden were sent and telephone conversations have taken place. Its been great discussing ideas and colour schemes and over the course of several calls and emails, we have found we are very similar and are kindred spirits.



I do love having commissions although they are quite stressful as well. In effect you have to get inside the clients mind to visualise what they want. Some people are very clear and precise, while others leave it totally up to you.

This client had a few initial ideas that we discussed and I sketched up. They have developed and evolved and  now we have a design agreed that we are all happy with and will suit the space and environment perfectly.  It is quite a geometric design and will have bold, strong colours. I will use a range of glass tesserae along with quite a few iridescent tiles. I will be keeping a picture diary so the client can see all the different stages and processes involved. I can’t wait to start!

Door Numbers on Roof Tiles

Door Numbers on Roof Tiles

The client found me through the BAMM website. BAMM is the representative body for mosaic makers and although I felt I ought to join them, I didn’t feel I was ready to until I went to their AGM late last year  and signed up on the day. Funnily enough with Christmas and being unwell, I had not had a chance to get my profile onto the BAMM site until this February – about a week before my client starting looking for a mosaic artist!  Timing is everything.

Carol's Mirror

Carol’s Mirror


I have now got my profile on BAMM well underway and have put up my mosaic CV. I am amazed at how much I have done.  Please do go and have a look. I am shown under ‘Artists’ as Henderson, Rosanna.


THE REQUEST: If you are interested in commissioning apiece of mosaic art (indoors or outside, large or small) please do give me a call and we can have an initial chat. All pictures on this blog are commissioned pieces.

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing

 COMING SOON: The other parts of the Hat-Trick

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