Outdoor Mosaics

Large Terracotta Pot

Large Terracotta Pot

Now that spring has arrived, thoughts turn to outdoor mosaics. I spend so much time outdoors, either in my garden, cycling or walking, that it makes perfect sense that I should enjoy making outdoor mosaics.

When I first started to mosaic I made a lot of outdoor terracotta pots. I then moved on to stepping stones and I have now cast my own. I then found a large supply of old roof tiles at the bottom of the garden and realised they were the perfect base to mosaic on. They are durable, weatherproof and it is always nice to re-cycle. They hang up very well which means they are perfect for door numbers and pictures.

I also love making lizards and frogs on stones, these can be tucked into flower beds and rockeries and always make people smile. I would love to make a large lizard in situ on a huge boulder in a rockery – that could be my next project, after we have created the rockery!

Here are some of the outdoor pieces I have made. I am happy to accept commissions for any outdoor piece – small or large.

 REQUEST:  Why not consider a cheerful outdoor mosaic to brighten up your outside areas?  Do call to discuss ideas.

COMING SOON:  ARThouse Open Studios




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