The Commission Has Landed!


The Commission

I am delighted to report that the commission piece I have been working on for the last 5 months has finally been delivered, installed and is living happily with its new owners in Cheshire. It would be an understatement to say they like it – they ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

It all started back in February when I got an email from Hilary and Pauline asking if I would be interested in being commissioned to make a large outdoor mosaic to go into an inset in their walled, courtyard garden.  We then talked on the phone and got on so well that I instantly agreed even though we were not sure what the piece was going to be. Over the next couple of weeks ideas and sketches were discussed and emailed and we very quickly agreed on a piece that we all liked. I could then go shopping for supplies!P1040916

Once I started work we began to Skype so they could see the progress, although I tried to only show snippets rather than  the overall piece, to keep them guessing!  I have kept a pictorial diary of the whole process for them. We have become firm friends during the process and found we are all straight talkers, have similar interests and enjoy a good laugh.

P1040930sOnce it was ready, Alan and I were happy to deliver it and take the opportunity to have a few days in Buxton en route which coincided with our wedding anniversary (Alan honestly said he didn’t mind). On arrival we had a grand unveiling with a bottle of champagne to ‘toast’ the new addition! The WOW factor was incredible and obviously very rewarding for me as I really enjoyed making the mosaic and was delighted they were so happy with it.

Hilary and Pauline had the mosaic installed the next day and we had a trip over to see it in situ and get some photos before we came back to London. I love making commissions and although they can be a bit stressful and worrying, it is all worthwhile when you get the reward of seeing the reaction and praise that shows how happy Hilary and Pauline are with their piece of mosaic art.


Hilary, Rosanna & Pauline with the mosaic in place.

It was certainly an anniversary we will never forget and we have some lovely new friends in the processes.

REQUEST: Let me know what you think of the mosaic, I love to hear your feedback.

COMING SOON: Arts and Crafts in Buxton


4 responses to “The Commission Has Landed!

  1. Hilary Pauline

    The journey of our Mosaic from conception to delivery, has been a great experience, with the outcome proving to be quite MAGICAL!
    Thanks to Rosanna’s interpretation and skill, we are the proud owners of a piece of Mosaic Art that will give us joy and pleasure, for many years to come!!!

  2. Thank you Hilary and Pauline. I really enjoyed making it as we had created such a lovely design between us choosing such beautiful, vibrant colours. It was great to meet you both in person and thank you such warm hospitality. I am delighted with the piece and think its looks just right in your charming courtyard garden. R.

  3. Amazing to see how it started and grew over time. A very beautiful piece!

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