June Update

I cannot believe we are well into June already – how did this happen and where has the year gone!

Of course this time last year, I was busy polishing and wrapping the Marple Mosaic ready to deliver it to my clients in Cheshire. Nerves all round but they loved the piece and we have become firm friends since.

Owners Hilary and Pauline

Marple Mosaic owners Hilary and Pauline

This year has seen lots of smaller commissions but I am ready to do another big piece again so if you would like a large mosaic or know anyone who may be interested, please do get in touch.  I try to keep my prices reasonable and I work very closely with my clients to make sure they get exactly what they want in their favourite colours.

A highlight for me this year so far has been getting my mosaic art into a new Gallery – Coquetdale Arts Centre in Rothbury.  I am now displaying my work in 3 venues but am always keen to spread my mosaics art into different areas.  Again, if you know of an outlet for my work, I would be interested to hear. I am especially keen to get my outdoor work recognised by the wider public domain.

P1050897After the huge amount of compliments I received for my Glass-on-Glass mosaic, I am encouraged to make some more of these pieces to order. My original mosaic was rather large and quite heavy to hang so I will be making smaller, thin panels that are much easier to hang up in trees, on fences or prop up in a window – any place where the light can shine through them are suitable.  I have masses of glass in the whole spectrum of colours – Catherine very kindly gave me her offcuts which I washed individually and colour coded – maybe I really do need to get out more!! I love working with glass and combining it with the more traditional mosaic tiles to give a more interesting and textured effect.

P1050979I am delighted that as the weather has cheered up I can get back into my ‘Grout House’ to work on my mosaics. There is something really special about being in my outdoor studio and seeing my garden in full bloom as I make my mosaics, a lot of my work is inspired by nature so it feels right to be working in that environment.  I am currently working on garden pieces made on porcelain tiles (offcuts from our newly fitted kitchen).  They will be very colourful with lots of sparkly glass that will catch the sunshine. The idea is to have a lot of the tile showing so you get the contrast between the slate colour porcelain and the ‘bling’. Here is the work in progress.

As always, I love to hear your feedback on my Blog – either through this page where you can post a comment, or you can send me an email.  If you have a mosaic questions or a topic you want to know more about, do please let me know.

Enjoy the sunshine.




One response to “June Update

  1. Dear Rosanna and Alan,

    We are both thinking of you especially today, as it is exactly 12 months to the day, since we all met up for the 1st time, when you delivered our VERY ‘Special Magical Marple Mosaic’!!!. We say especially today, but we think of you both, everyday, really as we look constantly in admiration, of your creation Rosanna, of our treasured centre piece to our little outdoor haven, our Courtyard garden. The delight we still get from admiring it, from different angles, at different times of the day, in all it’s form of various ‘lights’ and ‘glows’. It was so very clever indeed how you used the many colours, textures etc to enable us to admire even in the evening glow, the lustre of the many aspects of your skill and artistic flair. Honestly we love it, more and more.
    Pauline and Hilary. xx-xx


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