Dear All

I trust you are all staying safe and well and have adapted to life under restrictions, tiers, rules and regs. 

I am aware I haven’t posted for a long time so the easiest thing to do is to show a selection of my mosaics from 2020. Although a strange one, it was certainly a busy year on the mosaic front.

I am now posting on a regular basis on my Instagram Page and Facebook Page. Please follow me there to see the latest mosaics I am working on.

I hope this year starts to get back to some sort of normality for us all. Do keep safe, healthy and well. Rx

4 responses to “2021

  1. I have so enjoyed looking at your Mosaic’s Love Anne xXXx


  2. Wow! so many of those are from this year. Well done. There is one missing (at least I think it is missing) which I can’t wait to see … Happy New Year, Rosanna, and hope we can meet fairly soon.

    Barbara xx

    • You are right, there is a big one missing. However, in line with my usual practice, I never show a piece to anyone (except Mosaic Roadie Alan) until the recipient has it. So if you were hoping for a sneak view, I’m afraid it will have to wait!! Happy New Year, really hpoe we can meet soon. Rxx

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