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Crafty Mosaics

Crafty Beggars: Wendy, Rosanna and Julie

Crafty Beggars: Wendy, Rosanna and Julie

I really enjoyed watching my guest appearance on the ‘Crafty Beggars in the House’ television show on the Community Channel during the week. I felt I came across quite well and gave a varied range of information to anyone who was interested in learning more about mosaics.

Studio-1_180Having never done anything on the telly before I found the whole process quite fascinating.  As always, I arrived much too early and was there before the crew! Nevertheless I was made to feel very welcome, was given a coffee and settled into the ‘Green Room.’ Over the next half hour the camermen and crew arrived as well as the other guests Charlotte Butcher and Karlos Pusey.

The main links were being filmed in one area so I had loads of time to set my things up in a separate room.   The presenters Wendy Turner Webster and Julie Peasgood came in and explained what the format would be – general chat and they would prompt me with questions as we went along. I felt quite relaxed and at ease so I was happy to just get going and enjoy the experience. They also asked if there was anything specific I wanted to mention (the Log Cabin) and also which mosaic pieces I wanted to highlight. The camerman then came and did light and sound checks and made sure the key mosaics were in a good position to film. I was then ready for my close up – lights, camera and ACTION.

All laid out, ready to use

We filmed straight through and as far as I can tell from now having seen the programme, not much was edited. Once my section was done I had some photos taken with Wendy and Julie so they could go up on their website. I then packed my mosaics away and went into the other filming area to watch  Wendy and Julie do some pieces to camera. It was fascinating to see the cameras, all the lights and the various monitors. After more tea and biscuits and a chat with the crew it was time for me to go and wait for my debut on the small screen.

It is now on You Tube as well so if you haven’t had a chance to see it, click here.

Have a look at their website where I appear under ‘Guests’ and I also share my mosaic  ‘Top Tips’  www.craftybeggars.tv

Washing and drying

So, enough excitement for a few weeks, it is time for me to get back and actually make some more mosaics.  I haven’t anything specific in the pipeline at the moment so lets see what inspiration comes along over the next couple of days.




Crafty Beggars TV Appearance

The second series of Crafty Beggars in the House starts on Tuesday 12th April. Yours truly is the first guest on the first episode and this is my first TV appearance – so great excitement all round.


It was great fun to film and the lovely producers and presenters; Julie Peasgood and Wendy Turner-Webster were very friendly and encouraging, making the process very easy and a relaxed experience as they kept asking questions and prompting me the whole time.  My ten minutes of fame flew by and now I can’t remember what I said so I will be watching it from behind the sofa, through my fingers and hoping it turns out OK!

Do tune in – the first episode is being shown 5 days next week as follows:

Tuesday 12th 8pm
Wednesday 13th April 10pm
Friday 15th April 7pm
Saturday 16th April 3pm
Monday 18th April 2pm

 Community Channel via the following TV platforms…

Freeview 63 – Freeview HD 109 – Sky 539 – Virgin 233 – BBC iPlayer – Freesat 651 – TVCatchup – TV Player – TV Guide – YouTube – BT Vision

Crafty Beggars

“Crafty Beggars cbithIn The House” is a new TV programme that celebrates all things crafty. A one hour magazine show, dedicated to the fabulous world of crafts and creativity, upcycling and recycling. Visit:  http://www.craftybeggars.tv/


Series One has just started on The Community Channel  and will run for a 5 week series.  Each week presenters Julie Peasgood and Wendy Turner Webster invite 3 different craft experts into their house to showcase their  work and chat through how they got into their chosen craft, what inspires them, where you can find their work etc. Its a really fun show and they cover such a wide range of skilled people including an Airbrush Artist, a Greeting Card Designer and an Art Poet.

So, to the best bit, I am going to be on Series Two which will be shown in April!!!! On the telly at last!

I have filmed my 10 minute slot and hopefully it will be ok and won’t end up on the cutting room floor!

Try and catch the programme available as follows:

Tuesday  @ 8pm
Wednesday @ 10pm
Friday  @ 7pm
Saturday  3:30pm
Monday  @ 2pm

Tune into Community Channel via the following TV platforms…

Freeview 63 – Freeview HD 109 – Sky 539 – Virgin 233 – BBC iPlayer – Freesat 651 – TVCatchup – TV Player – TV Guide – YouTube – BT Vision


Watch this space for updates and broadcast dates.