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The Grape and Ivy Table Top


Original Insert

It is always nice to have a commission. As well as giving me a new project, it usually challenges and stretches me as an artist. So it was a great start to the year when my friends Val and Bruno commissioned me to make them an insert top for their outdoor table.

I’ve known Val since we both joined UIP in 1987 and we have been firm friends ever since enjoying meals, activities, City breaks and ski-ing holidays together with our hubbies. Val and Bruno have always followed my mosaic progress with great interest and they bought one of my earlier mosaics at my first exhibition.

My Sketch

As it was for outside I used Hardie Bakker Board for my base which Alan cut for me, exactly the same shape as the current insert, rather than a clean circle, so that is would fit perfectly . I then drew a rough sketch of the piece, following the original design but enhancing the grapes and leaves in quantity, size, shape and colour.

I started with the bunches of  grapes using round glass discs. I then made the leaves with glass tesserae and Mexican tiles, which are lovely to cut and shape. Once they were all in place I joined them all together with the ‘vines’ which I used making long strips of brown glass. This meant I could cut really thin pieces to make ‘tendrils’. I then moved on to the background which, as always, takes ages. In fact it took longer to do than all of the elements of the picture put together.

When the background was finally finished (whew) I asked Val if she would like to see a picture of it. At this stage if there was something she was not happy with, I could amend it but once it is grouted that is it – set in stone, or rather cement! I was delighted when Val said she would trust my judgement and wait until it was finished. I much prefer this then client can have the WOW factor as they see the completed piece for the first time (hopefully).

Val and Bruno are delighted with the completed mosaics, and so am I. Although I am normally very critical of my work this is definitely a favourite. The picture, style and colours are all so very ME and I really loved making the piece for them.

Grape and Ivy Table Top

I am looking forward to seeing the piece in situ in their table and I hope they will enjoy lots of evenings sitting around it, with a nice glass of something white and chilled!

What the Client said: “We love our new table top, definitely better than the original. We are so looking forward to putting it in situ and the red wine is ready to be uncorked.
Thank you Rosanna, it exceeds expectations as always.”
Bruno and Val