My Mosaic Story – The Journey Begins


Yes, I know it is a bit of a cliché calling it a journey, but it really has been.

My First Mosaic

My First Mosaic

I met Julia and made my first mosaic with her on the same day, 29th July, 7 years ago today. I loved making my little tile and I think Julia was surprised at how precise I was about colours and shapes. We had only just met so she didn’t realise what a control freak I was!

When I got home I bought a mixed carton of mosaic tiles from Hobbycraft but didn’t really know what to do with them so played around and made a basic mirror and a few terracotta pots. Funnily enough, round about the same time my friend Anne had also been introduced to mosaics. The following April we went together on a weekend beginners course with Ros Wates. It was a great weekend where we learnt all the technical basics of mosaic making – materials, adhesives, grouting and most importantly, cutting. I still think cutting is the most important element of mosaic making.  Again, I thoroughly enjoyed it and liked the ‘snake’ that I had made, but didn’t do much else except another mirror.

Animal-ZebraLate that year we went to Bath with our friends Helen and Bob and I discovered the mosaic shop on the bridge. When I went in it was like an Aladdin’s Cave. I was so taken by the huge range of beautiful tiles, shiny glass ones, lovely muted matt ceramic ones – so many to touch.  The real turning point was they also sold ‘templates’ of mosaic pictures – almost ‘mosaic by numbers’. I bought a zebra template and all the  tiles to make it. That was it, I had an aim and a specific piece to make. That was the point I got well and truly hooked.

I loved making the zebra and when I look at it now, I am amazed how I managed to make that as my first proper piece. I can see 500 zebra galloping over the African Plains – how many can you see.

Since then I have been mosaicing away, discovering my style, trying new things, improving my technique, learning from friends and various people along the way. I hope I have thanked everyone who has helped me on this ‘yellow brick/mosaic road’ on my original website.

So when people ask ‘how did you get into mosaics’ I tell them the above story – my journey and it is by no mean over. In another Blog I will tell you the things I have been involved in so far and the destination I am aiming for.

Request:  Please have a look at my Gallery and give me feedback on the pieces you like and why.

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