My Mosaic Story – Inspiration



Gannett by Aimee Harman

Gannett by Aimee Harman

The first mosaic artist I was inspired by was Aimee Harman. Aimee had taught Julia to mosaic so as soon as I got home after making that first tile, I went onto Aimee’s website. I was totally bowled over by her work and the stunning mosaics she makes. Up until then I had a very limited view of mosaics and I was not that keen on them. However, it was seeing Aimee’s mosaics that made me realise what a huge variety, range and style this artwork can have. There was a lovely piece with the caption ‘I made this after mosaicing for 8 weeks’. WOW!  Here is one of Aimee’s beautiful textured mosaics, below her ‘Gannett’ commissioned piece. Do go and have a look at Aimee’s website and be prepared to be amazed.

New to this art form, I was very eager but totally lacking in inspiration as that creative muscle had been dormant for a long time. I bought various books that suggested mosaic projects and also showed lovely pictures and different techniques. My first book was ‘Beginner’s Guide to Mosaics’ by Peter Massey and Alison Slater, followed by Rosalind Wates ‘The Mosaic Decorators Sourcebook’ which I bought at her mosaic course and she signed for me. Others have followed: Maggie Howarth’s ‘Pebble Mosaic Handbook’ shows lovely outdoor pebble mosaics – another style of mosaic altogether. Emma Biggs ‘Mosaic Techniques’ does what it says on the label and Robert Fields’ ‘Inspirations’ has gorgeous cat mosaics – one day I hope to achieve that standard of mosaicing –    I have a long , long way to go.

Original Guinea Fowl Mosaic by Martin Cheek

Original Guinea Fowl Mosaic by Martin Cheek

Original 'Corn Fed Chicken' by Martin Cheek

Original ‘Corn Fed Chicken’ by Martin Cheek







I also discovered Martin Cheek who has written several books and is one of the most well-known mosaic artists. His ‘journey’ and biography is fascinating and his CV is beyond impressive. His work is lovely and he has a very distinctive style. He manages to create a totally different effect with his mosaics and again, shows different techniques and styles. Do go and visit Martin’s website and have  a read of his Blog.

I always knew I was artistic but had never found the right medium. Through mosaics I am slowly starting to find my own style and inspiration. I have tried various techniques and am learning which ones work for me. All the above people mentioned, and many more, have given me inspiration and encouragement through their work and love of mosaic. I continue to learn while being very much  ‘the new girl on the mosaic block’.

A ‘thank you’ to all of you following my Blog, I really appreciate your early support and encouragement.



REQUEST: I have a new ‘Mystery Page’ on my website. It is my latest project, but what is it….and why? Please visit and leave a comment if you think you know what it may be.

Coming soon: The Log Cabin Project

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