Mosaics and Marketing

cropped-p1050225.jpgObviously I love making the mosaics, but I also really enjoy all the marketing, networking and PR that is required if you want to reach a wider audience, which I certainly am hoping to do with the help of this website and word of mouth.

cropped-p1040920.jpgThat is part of the reason I enjoy having exhibitions and getting into new venues so much as I love creating the posters, flyers, press releases and going out on the network circuit to promote them. I enjoy the whole process and project. 

New Website,  New Logo

New Logo Colours

During my mosaic journey I have had a variety of business cards and flyers in various colours and designs although I do like the  ‘mosaic tile’ effect and think it works well for me. I am hoping my latest business card has gone up a notch and will appeal to my target audience of gallery owners / people wanting commissions.

A few Blogs ago I gave a mention to Louise from Ealing Digital who set up this website to help me market Rosanna’s Mosaics to my target audience. However, an even bigger ‘THANK YOU’ must go to Dr. Simon Davey who has in fact created 5 websites over the course of the years for me! 

Simon works with , young people, small business and the voluntary sector, his strapline is  ‘Empowering, enabling, educating… empathically.’


Dr Simon Davey

I first met Simon when I was working with Business in the Community. He created a website for my ProHelp Programme, which  brokered professional skills into the voluntary sector – amounting to £1 million pounds worth in one  year.

When I  went self employed, Simon set me up again with a website. Although I don’t do my professional work any more, I know a lot of people want to know what I did before mosaics took hold so I can direct them to that website and people can see the type of professional work I got involved in:

Original Logo Colours

Original Logo Colours

When I got into mosaics it was time to call  in Simon again and ask him to work his website magic. He created my first artistic website which  was a new challenge for him as it was a departure from his usual client’s requirements.It is still out there in cyberspace, do have a look to see how I have evolved over the years. That site will be coming down later in the year but for now it is still available on

Simon has remained a good friend and was extremely helpful when I was making the difficult transition from employed to self employed and again from professional to artistic. Do have a look at the incredible work he does and here are some of his quotes from his website:

  • simon2“I lead projects. I take an idea and turn it into a plan and then build a small team to make it happen and get on with it.
  • Most of my work is with young people or technology. Sometimes both.
  • Big picture and attention to detail – it gets me out of bed in the morning and gives me a reason for living.
  • Think of me as a catalyst and a lighter of fires. I want the world to be a better place for me being in it.”

REQUEST:  Who do you know that could benefit from working with Simon? 

COMING SOON: New month, new news!


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