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Glass on Glass

P1050885With art, as with most things, it is very easy to keep within your comfort zone. Do what you know works, what is safe, the easy option.  However, when I discovered mosaics 8 years ago, one of the key things that got me really interested was the huge variety and different styles of mosaic that were out there. As such an ancient art form, mosaic has taken on a huge variety of guises as it has passed down through the centuries. Various cultures that have developed techniques and styles have added their influences and style to pass on to future generations of mosaic artists. I love the huge scope and potential this wonderful art form offers. The only limitation is the imagination.

Although I do sometimes play it safe, I try to experiment with different styles, techniques and materials especially if I have the time to spend on a new main piece. This is something I have been wanting to do for quite a while: glass on glass.


I have made it over a period of time in my weekly sessions with Kitty. As always, Kitty was on hand to offer her help and expertise. She guided me in mastering the art of silicone glue (very sticky, very smelly). She also helped with the ‘flow’ of the piece and suggested different types of glass tiles which I feel really enhance the piece. I was keen on doing something very vivid with blues and greens and we managed to find some lovely pieces of glass some see through, some shiny. I am delighted with the result and the piece is now sitting on my hall window with the sunshine streaming through it. I need to find a permanent home for it but for now, it’s lovely catching it every time I go up and down the stairs. I have had a lot of compliments on it so am keen to make some more pieces, in other colour palettes. 

What next – any suggestions? Watch this space.


100 Years of Vogue at the V&A. A wonderful exhibition charting the centenary of this iconic magazine.  A real journey through social history. Although most people regard it as a fashion mag, it actually covered the economic, political, cultural and social climate of the day in each edition.

The Capital Ring

The Capital Ring

Part 3 of the CAPITAL RING – Grove Park to Crystal Palace. A fantastic walk taking in the Downham Woodlan Walk, Beckenham Park Place, crossing the Greenwich Meridian Line and ending up at Crystal Palace with the dinosaurs. This was the longest section of the Capital Ring circuit and it was the perfect day to do it, sunshine all the way.


Rosanna’s Blog


You may have noticed it has been a bit quiet on the Blog front recently.  That is because I have been away on a Cross Country ski-ing holiday in Austria. We had a fantastic time and I am pleased to report that all my limbs are in tact and where they should be – which has not been the case on the past 2 ski holidays!  (email me for gory details!!).

Norweigan Moonlight

Norweigan Moonlight

Its lovely being away from it all in the mountains with the clear air, silence, stunning views, snow and sunshine. The scenery is breathtaking and I certainly get inspired in that environment. I hope to be able to translate some of my photos into mosaics over the next few months. The first time I went cross country to Norway I was inspired to make this piece, entitled ‘Norwegian Moonlight’.

I will have lots of exciting news to report over the next few months but I thought this would be a good opportunity to ask you, my Blog Followers, what you like to hear about in my Blogs. Since starting the Blog in 2014 I have mostly written about events, commissions and my mosaic journey.  I have a lovely loyal following which seems to increase every month – so thank you everyone.

What was it that attracted you to my Blog?

Which of my Blogs do you like best – stories, pictures, inspiration, events, commissions?

Is there anything I don’t mention that you would like to hear about?

How can I make sure I keep your interest and you find my Blogs informative, fun, readable?

Do let me know, after all, you are the ones I am writing for so please help me to keep you reading.





Artistic Development

Studio-1_180I’ve always known I’m artistic but had never found my medium. I can’t draw, paint or sew, I certainly can’t play a musical instrument or sing (well, not in public at any rate).  Having a hectic job and a busy social lifestyle I was content to let my arty side manifest itself in my cooking and gardening. I love colour and had an office full of coloured pens, inks, pots of acyrilic paints – but what to do with them?  I was content to look at them and add to the collection now and again. I did like ‘colouring in’  but there has never been any colouring potential for grown ups apart from ‘painting by numbers’ Hmmm, I certainly missed a gap in the market there didn’t I!!

That is why I will always be eternally grateful to Julia who introduced me to mosaics and BINGO, I’d found my medium.


I am now in my 8th year of mosaic making and having got a good grasp of the basics, I am ready to develop to the next level. However, being a very practical person, I am not very good at making a mosaic ‘just because I want to’. I tend to need a reason – e.g. its a commission, its going into the shop/gallery.  That is partly why I have done exhibitions – not because I think my work is so marvelous the world and his wife ought to see it (although it is nice if people do like and appreciate my work), but because it gives me an outlet and reason for making pieces.  It is necessary to have an outlet as there is a limit to how many mosaics you can have round the house and garden!

However, if I want to progress my work, I have to experiment and try new methods and techniques. So my artistic resolution for 2016 is to make a new piece ‘because I want to’, ‘because I want to learn a new technique/style’, ‘because I have a lovely tile I want to use’, ‘because I want to try a colourscheme’ or just because’ without having an end home for the piece. I am hoping that once made, it will find a home for itself anyway.

P1050666This has been the case with Baboushka as I liked the idea of the silhouette with flowing hair. Where she will end up, goodness knows. My next venture will be glass on glass because I want to learn how that works.

Wish me luck with my resolution.  As I often (jokingly) say ‘I am going to work really hard at being spontaneous’!


London Activities: 

January and February are usually film fest time for me.  So far: Bridge of Spies, The Danish Girl.  To come: The Revenant, The Room, The Hateful Eight.


Mosaics and Marketing

cropped-p1050225.jpgObviously I love making the mosaics, but I also really enjoy all the marketing, networking and PR that is required if you want to reach a wider audience, which I certainly am hoping to do with the help of this website and word of mouth.

cropped-p1040920.jpgThat is part of the reason I enjoy having exhibitions and getting into new venues so much as I love creating the posters, flyers, press releases and going out on the network circuit to promote them. I enjoy the whole process and project. 

New Website,  New Logo

New Logo Colours

During my mosaic journey I have had a variety of business cards and flyers in various colours and designs although I do like the  ‘mosaic tile’ effect and think it works well for me. I am hoping my latest business card has gone up a notch and will appeal to my target audience of gallery owners / people wanting commissions.

A few Blogs ago I gave a mention to Louise from Ealing Digital who set up this website to help me market Rosanna’s Mosaics to my target audience. However, an even bigger ‘THANK YOU’ must go to Dr. Simon Davey who has in fact created 5 websites over the course of the years for me! 

Simon works with , young people, small business and the voluntary sector, his strapline is  ‘Empowering, enabling, educating… empathically.’


Dr Simon Davey

I first met Simon when I was working with Business in the Community. He created a website for my ProHelp Programme, which  brokered professional skills into the voluntary sector – amounting to £1 million pounds worth in one  year.

When I  went self employed, Simon set me up again with a website. Although I don’t do my professional work any more, I know a lot of people want to know what I did before mosaics took hold so I can direct them to that website and people can see the type of professional work I got involved in: www.conkerconsulting.co.uk

Original Logo Colours

Original Logo Colours

When I got into mosaics it was time to call  in Simon again and ask him to work his website magic. He created my first artistic website which  was a new challenge for him as it was a departure from his usual client’s requirements.It is still out there in cyberspace, do have a look to see how I have evolved over the years. That site will be coming down later in the year but for now it is still available on www.rosannasmosaics.co.uk

Simon has remained a good friend and was extremely helpful when I was making the difficult transition from employed to self employed and again from professional to artistic. Do have a look at the incredible work he does and here are some of his quotes from his website:

  • simon2“I lead projects. I take an idea and turn it into a plan and then build a small team to make it happen and get on with it.
  • Most of my work is with young people or technology. Sometimes both.
  • Big picture and attention to detail – it gets me out of bed in the morning and gives me a reason for living.
  • Think of me as a catalyst and a lighter of fires. I want the world to be a better place for me being in it.”

REQUEST:  Who do you know that could benefit from working with Simon? 

COMING SOON: New month, new news!


July Review

As we come towards the end of July I realise that it has been a very busy and productive month for Rosanna’s Mosaics. So here is an update of activities.


The Gallery in Newcastle

I really enjoy being in such a prestigious gallery,  The North East Collective , which is in the Newcastle main shopping centre. John and Catherine are lovely and friendly and I always get a great welcome when I pop in. I have also sold 4 pieces so things are looking very positive.

Harris + Hoole Coffee Shop, with Steph

Harris + Hoole Coffee Shop, with Steph

It was great fun taking part in Richmond Open Studios for the second year and it was lovely to have my work displayed in Harris + Hoole coffee shop at St. Margarets. I demonstrated on both Sundays and got a lot of interest in my work and mosaic lessons as well as making some sales. Owner Steph has kindly invited me to remain exhibiting in Harris + Hoole so my work is now on show and on sale there. It is fantastic to be showing my work in such a friendly and busy venue.

I have now been Blogging for a year. I really enjoy it and hope to  attract more Followers. One of the main reasons for Blogging was to get myself known further afield and to get into some Galleries. So far I am in 2 new venues so I think we can call that a result!

To help me with my marketing I have got some newly designed  Business Cards with my new Logo. I wanted to raise my profile a bit more and think that the  new style is more in keeping with my target audience of Gallery owners and exhibiting opportunities. Do let me know what you think.

New Website,  New Logo

New Logo

My First Mosaic

My First Mosaic

So it is 8 years ago this month that my friend Julia got me to make my first mosaic!  Although I enjoyed making the small coaster (it took me all afternoon!), I did not think I would do any more. How wrong a person can be! Thank you Julia, I will be forever be grateful for you saying “Do you like mosaics” (not really), “Would you like to make one” (Hmmm, no, but it’s a long time til we have supper so I may as well).  The rest, as they say, is history!!!!

So my shed has no official name but is being used on a very regular basis for mosaics making (as well as gardening) so sometimes it is ‘The Grout House’ and other times ‘The Cutting Room’. I am currently spending a lot of time in there making a New Commission that I have received for a piece that will be going to France. Watch this space as I hope to have photos soon.

All Original Shop

All Original Shop

I have (reluctantly) decided it is time to leave the All Original shop where I have been selling my mosaics since it first opened in March 2013.  I do feel very sad about this as I have been with Catherine from the start of her journey when she first phoned me up and said ‘I may have done the most impulsive thing, but I am taking a lease on a shop‘. Since then the shop has gone from strength to strength and  is now well established in Ealing as the place to buy unique gifts. My decision to leave has been a long time in coming as I love being part of the All Original family. However, I do feel my mosaic work is becoming more ‘art’ than ‘craft’ and a Gallery and exhibition environment is more suited to where I want to be, going forward.

A find farewell to Catherine and her team including Laura, Jane, Gill, Vanessa and Emma.  Thank you to Catherine for all your help and support over the last two and a half years.  I will still be popping in to buy gifts and to keep in touch.

REQUEST:  If you enjoy this Blog, please pass it on to others as I would like to get more Followers.

COMING SOON: What would YOU like to hear about? Let me know the type of things (mosaic wise) you are interested in reading about, is it lessons, commissions, upcoming events? Either leave a reply below or contact me on email.