Current Mosaic Projects

Multi Colour Large Panel

When people ask me what I am currently working on, I always have to think about my reply. The truth is, I am usually working on 2 or 3 mosaics at any one time.

I always tend to have a large complex piece on the go (usually a commission), then another medium size mosaic that I may be making to go into one of the galleries.  I often have a ‘fun’ piece also sitting on my work bench which is my ‘light relief’ mosaic.  I love mosaicing so much that even if I haven’t got a reason to be making a piece, I will be playing mosaics anyway!

P1050547At the moment I am negotiating a commission with a client so am ‘between mosaics’ if you like, so this gives me time to play with my fun piece. It is a large slab of stone, 2 foot high traingular shape. I am calling it my ‘Totem Pole’ and it will sit in the middle of a flower bed in my back garden. I want it to be very vibrant and eye catching, so I intend to use a lot of glass in it as well as the mosaic tesserae. I have started at the top with a ‘sun’ and rays flowing down. Not sure what the next section will be but I will keep you posted. I know it will take a long time but there is no rush and that’s what is nice about having a fun piece, I may just spend the odd half hour on it as and when.

So it is quite quiet in mosaic terms for me but I have to admit it is nice to have a rest after all the excitement of the Marple Collection Exhibition. Once the commission is finalised it will be back to full steam ahead and will be snipping away.


I would like to do a Q & A Blog 

If you have any mosaic questions you would like to ask or any technique or aspect you are interested in knowing more about – please drop me a ‘Comment’ below or send me an email and I will answer in a Blog. 



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