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Northumberland Trip

St. Marys Lighthouse

St. Marys Lighthouse

We have just got back from a 2 week stay in Northumberland. We had incredibly hot weather which was great as my friend Linda came to stay for a few days and it is always nicer showing people round when it is sunny and bright.

We went to a couple of concerts including one of only 3 UK productions of Sting’s ‘The Last Ship’. This is a musical play written by and starring Sting, about the closing down of the shipyards in Tyneside, where he was bought up. It was staged at The Sage and I was delighted to get the last pair of tickets. We had the added bonus of seeing Jimmy Nail who took on a key role in the show. I also managed to sneak in a matinee of Matthew Bourne’s ‘The Car Man’. An excellent modern ballet loosely based on Bizet’s Carmen.  A fantastic production: amazing dancing, raunchy, great staging and all set to that fabulous Bizet score.


Mosaic Mirrors

I had a few visits to the North East Art Collective gallery where I am now displaying my mosaic art. They had requested some of my mirrors so I took in a selection to chose from and they took all 6, along with 2 of my outdoor lizards on stones. I now have 17 pieces  on display in the gallery.

Catherine and John, who run and own the Gallery, are really nice and friendly and I am delighted to have a new venue and audience who can see (and hopefully buy) my work. It is lovely to have a north and south outlet, I now just need somewhere in the middle of the country!

Lizard on Stone

Lizard on Stone

I am now back in London and the holiday is over as mosaic work has to continue. I need to get everything together for ARThouse – Richmond Open Studios and I also need to continue with the commission piece.

Busy, busy, busy but that is how I like it!



REQUEST: Does anyone have any connections with Galleries in the Cotswolds, or Malvern area? If so, a link or introduction would be great.

COMING SOON: ARThouse – Richmond Open Studios and Harris & Hoole.




Hat-Trick – The Gallery



Abstract Sunset


I am delighted that I have just got my work into a Gallery in Newcastle  called ‘The North East Art Collective’.

Based in Eldon Gardens in the Eldon Square shopping centre, North East Art Collective is the newest art gallery in the middle of Newcastle City centre. It’s aim is to represent Art, Culture, Sophistication, Luxury and above all Quality.

Mosaic Trees

Mosaic Trees


Multi Media Panels

The Gallery houses work from over 100 artists who specialise in a range of arts including Watercolours, Oils, Photography, Glass, Ceramics, Furniture Design, Textiles, Sculpture. They now have a new mosaic artist as well!

3 Individual Panels

3 Individual Panels

Being in this type of Gallery means I can display and hopefully sell some of my indoor hanging mosaic art, and some larger pieces as well.  I am hoping that my slim multi media panels will be successful alongside my abstract pieces. Do go and have a look at their website and have a look at my artists profile listed under Rosanna Henderson.

I am now going into my third year at the All Original shop in Ealing where I sell smaller items and outdoor pieces – mirrors, trivets, coasters, small pictures and door numbers are all popular lines and regular sellers. I can also promote any local activities I am involved in.

Although I haven’t gone international yet, I can certainly say that I span the north/south divide!


REQUEST:  If you have any Northern contacts, please encourage them to pop into the Gallery

COMING SOON: The third part of The Hat-Trick; The Exhibition



Mosaic Inspiration – Sea, Sand and Countryside


Rosanna by the Beach

Many of you will know that I visit Northumberland on a regular basis. When I am up there I do a lot of beach and cliff walking and I try to get out into the Northumbrian countryside. It is very much ‘big scenery’ up there, large scale vistas and quite dramatic. The beaches are lovely and stretch for miles with lots of sand dunes.  A total contrast to London life.

By the Sea

By the Sea Tryptic

I often get inspiration for mosaics up there based on the sea, sand and countryside. These mosaics tend to be more suited to the ceramic matt tiles with their lovely muted colours. I often incorporate sand and pebbles into these pieces. A flash of stained glass can give the effect of the sun glinting off the sea, or a field in the distance full of burgundy heather. The odd glass tesserae tile will be much more effective when used sparingly, less is definitely more.


These pieces tend to be quite abstract and dramatic and have proved to be very popular.  With this in mind I have decided to create a new range of mosaics based on my northern visits. I am calling it ‘The Beach House’ range and have given it a new logo.

Let me know what you think of it.


Rosanna Henderson Mosaic artist Rosanna at the Beach House






REQUEST:  Have a look at my MYSTERY PAGE and see if you can figure it out , those who know, don’t give the game away!