I Name This Shed………………….

P1050225So I was hoping that in the true style of most competitions, I would be announcing the winning shed name with a flourish and then I would make a lovely Mosaic Name Plate for the door.

However………………………. I can tell you can feel a ‘but‘ coming on!

I have had a great response from lots of people via this Blog, Facebook and Email and thank you to all that responded and joined in the fun. But rather than a specific name leading the field, most of the suggested names have collected several votes resulting in an overall spread. Therefore no obvious winner!

P1050061As there are several names that I would have voted for, even I feel unable to pick a favourite! I am therefore going to go with the ‘Harry Potter’ idea and make it a ‘Shed of Requirements’ with the name suiting  the requirement as need be at the time. So one day I may be ‘going to the Grout House’ and another day I may be having a nice cuppa in ‘Rosanna’s Retreat’. At least this way I get to use all the lovely names you suggested and obviously, you are very welcome to join me in which every guise you fancy!

New Website,  New Logo

New Branded Logo

One thing that has got a specific name is the branding for my mosaic work ‘Rosanna’s Mosaics’ which has had a bit of a make-over. I have just ordered some new business cards and exhibition labels in this new colour palette. I hope you like it.

REQUEST: Having had the Blog for a year I have gathered a nice amount of Followers so thank you all for joining me. However, I would now like to increase my Following so please can you spread the word and maybe send this Blog to anyone you know who is interested in mosaics or anything arty.

COMING SOON: July review.

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