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Highlights from 2015

Best wishes and a huge ‘Thank You‘  to all my ‘Blog Followers‘ for 2016.  I hope the year is healthy, happy, fun and successful for us all.

2015 was another very successful year for me both mosaic-wise and personally.  Here are some of the mosaic highlights:


British Assoc. Mosaic Makers

British Assoc. Mosaic Makers

Uploaded my work onto the BAMM website (British Association for Modern Mosaics) having joined at their AGM the previous October.

Approached to make a large outdoor commission from a client who found me on BAMM website  – a week after I uploaded my work  What timing!

Got my work accepted in the prestigious ‘North East Art Collective Gallery‘ in Newcastle. 12 rooms of art, 150 artists – I am in great company.

Invited to join ‘Wonder Street‘ an invite-only platform where designers and artists showcase and sell their work.


Ivy Mirror

Ivy Mirror

Richmond Open Studios – exhibited in Harris & Hoole Coffee Shop in St. Margarets after meeting the lovely Steph.

Had some Coaching with Monica of Live a Life You Love and re-assessed where I want to go with my mosaics – definatley up a few notches

Left All Original after 2 years 3 months – the last piece I sold in the shop went to Greece

Harris & Hoole invited me to continue displaying my work – a fantastic platform for me in a lovely part of Twickenham


French Cross

French Cross

Was approached to make a ‘French Cross’ commission for a piece that will be going to live in France. The client saw a mosaic commissioned by their neighbours a few years ago

Finished and delivered The Marple Mosaic

Got my special birthday shed that will be used as a studio

Been making mosaics for 8 years

Met Lesley and displayed my work in her new South Street Gallery in Isleworth, West London

The Marple Collection Exhibition at South Street Gallery

My Meadow House Butterfly

My Meadow House Butterfly

Christmas event at Harris & Hoole

With Kitty and her ‘team’ help make 15 mosaic butterflies for Meadow House Hospice in Ealing

450 Facebook Followers


Mosaic Shed Art

P1050573I spend so much time making mosaics as commissions, for galleries or exhibitions that I very rarely make a piece for myself. However, when I got my birthday garden shed, I knew I would be making a mosaic to go onto it. Initially I was going to make a ‘welcome’ sign with the shed name but as I couldn’t decide on the final name, that piece remains on hold.

As I was planting the new garden beds around the shed I suddenly spotted the perfect place for a mosaic,  a long triangular inset just above the door. I knew instantly the style of mosaic I wanted and could picture it in my mind. The problem was transposing that complicated idea into such an odd shape, keeping my original concept of the image but making it suitable as a mosaic.

P1050572Alan was in charge of cutting the exact size board, it would be wedged into the inset so no room for any error whatsoever – no pressure then! We used Wedi Tilebacker Board (the lightweight cousin of Hardie Bakker Board) which is a very flexible compound that can be cut with a Stanley knife but is meant to be robust enough to go outdoors and is weatherproof.  It is the first time I have used it so we shall see, best to experiment on myself rather than a clients commission!

Once I got going I really enjoyed making the piece. It was done in two sections initially and then we used wooden kebab sticks inside to join the pieces together, plus lots of glue and then gaffer tape. The whole structure was very precarious but I needed to mosaic continuous lines and not have an obvious join.P1050571

Here is the finished piece in situ – I am delighted with it and am looking forward to having the winter sun shine on it as there is a lot of ‘sparkle’ potential.

REQUEST: Let me know what you think – could ‘shed art’ catch on?

COMING SOON: Mosaic Mishaps!

I Name This Shed………………….

P1050225So I was hoping that in the true style of most competitions, I would be announcing the winning shed name with a flourish and then I would make a lovely Mosaic Name Plate for the door.

However………………………. I can tell you can feel a ‘but‘ coming on!

I have had a great response from lots of people via this Blog, Facebook and Email and thank you to all that responded and joined in the fun. But rather than a specific name leading the field, most of the suggested names have collected several votes resulting in an overall spread. Therefore no obvious winner!

P1050061As there are several names that I would have voted for, even I feel unable to pick a favourite! I am therefore going to go with the ‘Harry Potter’ idea and make it a ‘Shed of Requirements’ with the name suiting  the requirement as need be at the time. So one day I may be ‘going to the Grout House’ and another day I may be having a nice cuppa in ‘Rosanna’s Retreat’. At least this way I get to use all the lovely names you suggested and obviously, you are very welcome to join me in which every guise you fancy!

New Website,  New Logo

New Branded Logo

One thing that has got a specific name is the branding for my mosaic work ‘Rosanna’s Mosaics’ which has had a bit of a make-over. I have just ordered some new business cards and exhibition labels in this new colour palette. I hope you like it.

REQUEST: Having had the Blog for a year I have gathered a nice amount of Followers so thank you all for joining me. However, I would now like to increase my Following so please can you spread the word and maybe send this Blog to anyone you know who is interested in mosaics or anything arty.

COMING SOON: July review.