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My Mosaic Studio

P1050604Following the recent ‘mosaic mishap‘ in my studio, it seemed like a good excuse for a sort out and tidy up so I have spent the past few days re-organising my studio.

My mosaic studio has gone through many phases.  When we first moved into this house 25 years ago it was the spare room and a good place to do the ironing and store the boxes until we had unpacked everything. We then turned it into our ‘play’ room and shared it for our respective hobbies.  Unfortunately, both Alan and I are too structured and organised and have our own set ways of doing things so a joint space was never going to work.

Studio-1_180I then went self employed so the room became my home office. When I started mosaicing as a hobby I had a small mosaic shelf in the ‘office’ and harmony was restored. As mosaics took over, so did the mosaic shelves! Eventually I ‘retired’ from professional work and that was when mosaics became my main pastime. The room is now a dedicated studio although there is an small area for my laptop and admin.

My Studio

Being a painfully organised person, I like to keep the studio really neat and tidy. It won’t surprise anyone who knows me to hear that my tiles are all colour co-ordinated, with different shelves for different types of tile; glass, ceramic, smalti.  I also have another area for all my glass beads, enhancement pieces, fused glass, mirror tiles etc.

I do appreciate how lucky I am to have a dedicated mosaic space. It means I can work on a piece as and when, for as little and long as I want to. I can then just walk away without having to do a major clear up.

 REQUEST: In the New Year I will be doing a Q&A Blog so any mosaic questions you may have, drop me an email at rosannasmosaics@gmail.com and I can reply via a Blog.

COMING SOON: Review of 2015

Mosaic Mishaps

Mishaps happen in all walks of life: personal, professional, domestic and artistic. The common link is that they often happen at the worse time usually when you are rushing about. Also, they cause disproportionate mayhem based on the actual mishap.

During my brief time as a Mosaic Artist I have had my fair share of mosaic miseries and mishaps. A common one is choosing the wrong colour grout – which will totally change the end result, look and feel of a mosaic. Once grouted, there is not really much you can do except to learn by your mistake.  Another common mishap is cuts and gashes (squeamish people, look away now).  I always use my hands to grout and don’t wear gloves therefore I often cut my fingers on the odd sharp, sticky out bit – which I then know has to be filed down to make smooth.  If the grout turns pink – then it is time to stop and reach for the sticking plasters!!

P1050575Earlier in the week I was wide awake very early so thought I would get in some mosaic time. Creeping around the house so as not to disturb and wake Alan, I went into my studio and got working on the poppy mosaic for Remembrance weekend. For the centerpiece I needed some of my bright, black shiny beads – top shelf of the cupboard.

P1050604I climbed silently but precariously onto the stool and as I was reaching up I lent on the middle shelf to get some leverage. Bad idea – the shelf bracket was loose and the shelf slipped, causing a dozen of my large glass jars, all containing glass beads, marbles etc. to fall smashing to the ground!  I literally saw them crashing down in slow motion and as they hit the floor and smashed I saw them scatter and dance all over the studio. By now, Alan was awake!

No actual harm was done except most of my jars were broken and it took me all morning to gather up the slithers of broken glass and catch all the beads, marbles, etc. I am sure I will be finding them for months to come in all sorts of nook and crannies.


REQUEST: Let me know one of your mishaps – the stranger the better!

COMING SOON: Review of 2015


I Name This Shed………………….

P1050225So I was hoping that in the true style of most competitions, I would be announcing the winning shed name with a flourish and then I would make a lovely Mosaic Name Plate for the door.

However………………………. I can tell you can feel a ‘but‘ coming on!

I have had a great response from lots of people via this Blog, Facebook and Email and thank you to all that responded and joined in the fun. But rather than a specific name leading the field, most of the suggested names have collected several votes resulting in an overall spread. Therefore no obvious winner!

P1050061As there are several names that I would have voted for, even I feel unable to pick a favourite! I am therefore going to go with the ‘Harry Potter’ idea and make it a ‘Shed of Requirements’ with the name suiting  the requirement as need be at the time. So one day I may be ‘going to the Grout House’ and another day I may be having a nice cuppa in ‘Rosanna’s Retreat’. At least this way I get to use all the lovely names you suggested and obviously, you are very welcome to join me in which every guise you fancy!

New Website,  New Logo

New Branded Logo

One thing that has got a specific name is the branding for my mosaic work ‘Rosanna’s Mosaics’ which has had a bit of a make-over. I have just ordered some new business cards and exhibition labels in this new colour palette. I hope you like it.

REQUEST: Having had the Blog for a year I have gathered a nice amount of Followers so thank you all for joining me. However, I would now like to increase my Following so please can you spread the word and maybe send this Blog to anyone you know who is interested in mosaics or anything arty.

COMING SOON: July review.