Another Mosaic, Another You Tube

P1050883This recently completed piece is called ‘Jennifer Juniper’.  Inspired from the song written by Donovan (Jennifer Juniper sitting very still…….Jennifer Juniper hair of golden flax……Is she dreaming, yes I think so……..Is she pretty, yes ever so), she is a companion piece to Baboushka. She is  30cm and is made from tesserae, mirror tiles and slivers of glass plus there are quite a few embellishments to add a sparkle.

She was meant to be very ethereal and enigmatic. I started with the face features and was really pleased with her dreamy downward look. As I added the hair I realised she was taking on a ‘Klimt’ feel which wasn’t intentional but seemed to suit her. However, when I filled in and grouted her face she suddenly took on a rather cross appearance which has changed the overall effect. As I always say, it is the mosaic that dictates to me not the other way around, a hard thing for a control freak like myself to accept but I am slowly coming to terms with it and learning to go with the mosaic.

She is now complete, polished and shiny – ready for a new home or to go into a Gallery if anyone is interested.

Those lovely ladies at Crafty Beggars have been busy doing more filming and once again I was delighted to have been invited to take part.

Rosanna-HendersonEach month they feature a video on their website called ‘Make of the Month’. For May it is a ‘Decoupage Challenge.’ It was filmed at the South Street Gallery in Isleworth (where I had an exhibition last year) and involved 7 of us Crafty Beggars having a go at decoupage. It was filmed over a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon, all great fun and helped along with generous helpings of Presecco and lots of encouragement from Julie and Wendy.

Although we all started off with the same base piece, we each had our own individual style and the end results are very varied as you will see. This is always the way with art and craft, everyone’s imagination is different and creates a unique piece. You can see the results by going to their website ( or watching it on You Tube:

P.S.  We went to see Donovan recently at Cadogan Hall.  He was brilliant, looked exactly the same with long curly hair and spent the whole concert sitting crossed legged on a giant bean bag.  Everyone was up dancing to his finale of Mellow Yellow.



3 responses to “Another Mosaic, Another You Tube

  1. What a great little film with funny commentary – I noted the Christmas cups straightaway but it couldn’t have been filmed in December as the door was open and it all looked very summery. And they really did contain Prosecco! Thanks for the link, Rosanna. Loved your pot!

    • Hi Barbara, Yes, real Prosecco and lots of it! It was filmed in April but as they never throw anything away they were using up Christmas cups! Again, great fun to be part of. Love all your adventures, you have certainly been out and bout this year. Rx

  2. Thanks also for your recent email and I’ll respond very soon. x

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