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Mosaic Anniversary

My First Mosaic

Today is my mosaic anniversary.  Eleven years ago I met Julia for the first time who introduced me to mosaics. The story is well documented but I still smile when on leaving she said to my hubbie Alan “You won’t believe what she has got into” and I said “No, I ‘ve made one mosaic but I don’t think I’ll be doing anymore”  Talk about famous last words!!!

Since then I have made hundreds of mosaics – it would be interesting to know exactly how many but it is impossible to count them all. I have exhibited at a National Trust property 3 times, had several commissions, been part of Richmond Open Studios twice and this year is my second time in BEAT Ealing Art Trail. I have given lessons and talks on mosaics as well as working on a 2 year community project.  I am in 2 galleries, a professional member of BAMM (British Association for Modern Mosaics) and I have also appeared on TV. So much for my blasé comment to Julia!

Log Cabin Community Project

I often wonder what I would have done had I not got into mosaics. There is no doubt that I spend a lot of time not only making them, but also thinking about them, planning, designing, updating my website and Facebook. Wondering what new areas they can take me to……..an RHS Garden Show would be a dream come true – I’m just putting it out there!

But for me the most important thing was that eventually I found my artistic medium. So, have a look at my short video to follow my journey so far.


Key Mosaics

My First Mosaic

My First Mosaic

I recently published my Mosaic CV so thought it would be a good idea to show my key mosaic pieces.

This is the first piece I made with Julia, a small coaster. No cutting involved but it still took me all afternoon!

Animal-ZebraThis  ‘Herd of Zebra’ was made from the template I got from the mosaic shop in Bath. It’s the mosaic that got me hooked on this art form. I am still impressed that I was able to make such a complex early piece.


Once I started going to Kitty’s weekly workshop, with her help and guidance, my work really started to develop and I tried lots of new styles and different ideas.

St. Marys Lighthouse

St. Marys Lighthouse

This was the first time I tried to interpret a photo into a mosaic. It was also my first mosaic showing a real life picture. I still find it hard to interpret scenes into mosaics but I think I am getting there.

Why not make yet another, even bigger mosaic to raffle?? Souldn't take too long!



‘Hollyhocks’ was my first mosaic using large bathroom tiles. I usually use small mosaic tiles so it was a totally different technique which produced a different style of mosaic. It was raffled for £1 per ticket and raised  £1,250 for the Log Cabin children’s charity.

I think my our work here is done. Thank you LOG CABIN for a great opportunity and fantastic experience.

Trees at the Log Cabin




I worked on a voluntary project  with the Log Cabin producing 11 large, outdoor mosaics.  As well as butterflies, dragonflies and a smily sunshine face, I decided it would be great to finish with a spring and an autumn tree. I had never made anything on this scale before and this is still one of my favourite pictures.  I am really proud of the work I did with them and pleased with the mosaics that I made for them.


Owners Hilary and Pauline

Marple Mosaic for clients Hilary and Pauline

The Marple Mosaic‘ is my largest commission to data .  This was a big challenge for me as I don’t usually do ‘geometric’ pieces.  However, I really enjoyed the discipline of working with the sharp angles and defined spaces.  I am delighted with the finished piece, as are my clients Hillary and Pauline.

These are not ‘key’ as such, but I like them.

REQUEST: Which is your favourite and why?

COMING SOON: A date for your diary.



Highlights from 2014

Firstly, best wishes to all my ‘Blog Followers’ for 2015.  I hope the year is healthy, happy, fun and successful for us all.

2014 was a great year for me both personally and mosaic-wise.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • exhibited at Court Farm Gallery (met the lovely Ania)
  • Richmond Open Studios (with Peter Oliver and other artists)
  • entered’ Art in the Garden’ competition (didn’t win!)
  • raffled ‘Hollyhocks’ mosaic, raised £1,250 for Log Cabin
  • completed ‘Log Cabin Community Mosaic Project’ after 2 years
  • found Bexhill home for Bexhill mosaic
  • started ‘The Martin Cheek Challenge’ – one down, a lot more to go!
  • completed and delivered ‘Amy’s Mosaic Fireguard’
  • created new ‘Beach House’ range of mosaics
  • been mosaicking for 7 years
  • got a new mosaic website – this one!
  • became a Blogger!
  • 301 Facebook Likes
  • ran several mosaic lessons
  • new supplier:  Mosaic Workshop – with Trolley Dollies
  • record number of commissions including 3 clocks and a giraffe
  • joined BAMM – British Society of Mosaic Makers

and on the personal front:

  • swam at the London Aquatic Olympic Pool
  • experienced the poppy installation at the Tower of London
  • celebrated a ‘very special birthday’


COMING SOON: what would YOU like to see coming soon?  If you would like more info on any of the above, please do let me know. Obviously I am keen to do Blogs on the subjects that interest you so do let me know.