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You may have noticed it has been a bit quiet on the Blog front recently.  That is because I have been away on a Cross Country ski-ing holiday in Austria. We had a fantastic time and I am pleased to report that all my limbs are in tact and where they should be – which has not been the case on the past 2 ski holidays!  (email me for gory details!!).

Norweigan Moonlight

Norweigan Moonlight

Its lovely being away from it all in the mountains with the clear air, silence, stunning views, snow and sunshine. The scenery is breathtaking and I certainly get inspired in that environment. I hope to be able to translate some of my photos into mosaics over the next few months. The first time I went cross country to Norway I was inspired to make this piece, entitled ‘Norwegian Moonlight’.

I will have lots of exciting news to report over the next few months but I thought this would be a good opportunity to ask you, my Blog Followers, what you like to hear about in my Blogs. Since starting the Blog in 2014 I have mostly written about events, commissions and my mosaic journey.  I have a lovely loyal following which seems to increase every month – so thank you everyone.

What was it that attracted you to my Blog?

Which of my Blogs do you like best – stories, pictures, inspiration, events, commissions?

Is there anything I don’t mention that you would like to hear about?

How can I make sure I keep your interest and you find my Blogs informative, fun, readable?

Do let me know, after all, you are the ones I am writing for so please help me to keep you reading.





Mosaic Shed Art

P1050573I spend so much time making mosaics as commissions, for galleries or exhibitions that I very rarely make a piece for myself. However, when I got my birthday garden shed, I knew I would be making a mosaic to go onto it. Initially I was going to make a ‘welcome’ sign with the shed name but as I couldn’t decide on the final name, that piece remains on hold.

As I was planting the new garden beds around the shed I suddenly spotted the perfect place for a mosaic,  a long triangular inset just above the door. I knew instantly the style of mosaic I wanted and could picture it in my mind. The problem was transposing that complicated idea into such an odd shape, keeping my original concept of the image but making it suitable as a mosaic.

P1050572Alan was in charge of cutting the exact size board, it would be wedged into the inset so no room for any error whatsoever – no pressure then! We used Wedi Tilebacker Board (the lightweight cousin of Hardie Bakker Board) which is a very flexible compound that can be cut with a Stanley knife but is meant to be robust enough to go outdoors and is weatherproof.  It is the first time I have used it so we shall see, best to experiment on myself rather than a clients commission!

Once I got going I really enjoyed making the piece. It was done in two sections initially and then we used wooden kebab sticks inside to join the pieces together, plus lots of glue and then gaffer tape. The whole structure was very precarious but I needed to mosaic continuous lines and not have an obvious join.P1050571

Here is the finished piece in situ – I am delighted with it and am looking forward to having the winter sun shine on it as there is a lot of ‘sparkle’ potential.

REQUEST: Let me know what you think – could ‘shed art’ catch on?

COMING SOON: Mosaic Mishaps!

July Review

As we come towards the end of July I realise that it has been a very busy and productive month for Rosanna’s Mosaics. So here is an update of activities.


The Gallery in Newcastle

I really enjoy being in such a prestigious gallery,  The North East Collective , which is in the Newcastle main shopping centre. John and Catherine are lovely and friendly and I always get a great welcome when I pop in. I have also sold 4 pieces so things are looking very positive.

Harris + Hoole Coffee Shop, with Steph

Harris + Hoole Coffee Shop, with Steph

It was great fun taking part in Richmond Open Studios for the second year and it was lovely to have my work displayed in Harris + Hoole coffee shop at St. Margarets. I demonstrated on both Sundays and got a lot of interest in my work and mosaic lessons as well as making some sales. Owner Steph has kindly invited me to remain exhibiting in Harris + Hoole so my work is now on show and on sale there. It is fantastic to be showing my work in such a friendly and busy venue.

I have now been Blogging for a year. I really enjoy it and hope to  attract more Followers. One of the main reasons for Blogging was to get myself known further afield and to get into some Galleries. So far I am in 2 new venues so I think we can call that a result!

To help me with my marketing I have got some newly designed  Business Cards with my new Logo. I wanted to raise my profile a bit more and think that the  new style is more in keeping with my target audience of Gallery owners and exhibiting opportunities. Do let me know what you think.

New Website,  New Logo

New Logo

My First Mosaic

My First Mosaic

So it is 8 years ago this month that my friend Julia got me to make my first mosaic!  Although I enjoyed making the small coaster (it took me all afternoon!), I did not think I would do any more. How wrong a person can be! Thank you Julia, I will be forever be grateful for you saying “Do you like mosaics” (not really), “Would you like to make one” (Hmmm, no, but it’s a long time til we have supper so I may as well).  The rest, as they say, is history!!!!

So my shed has no official name but is being used on a very regular basis for mosaics making (as well as gardening) so sometimes it is ‘The Grout House’ and other times ‘The Cutting Room’. I am currently spending a lot of time in there making a New Commission that I have received for a piece that will be going to France. Watch this space as I hope to have photos soon.

All Original Shop

All Original Shop

I have (reluctantly) decided it is time to leave the All Original shop where I have been selling my mosaics since it first opened in March 2013.  I do feel very sad about this as I have been with Catherine from the start of her journey when she first phoned me up and said ‘I may have done the most impulsive thing, but I am taking a lease on a shop‘. Since then the shop has gone from strength to strength and  is now well established in Ealing as the place to buy unique gifts. My decision to leave has been a long time in coming as I love being part of the All Original family. However, I do feel my mosaic work is becoming more ‘art’ than ‘craft’ and a Gallery and exhibition environment is more suited to where I want to be, going forward.

A find farewell to Catherine and her team including Laura, Jane, Gill, Vanessa and Emma.  Thank you to Catherine for all your help and support over the last two and a half years.  I will still be popping in to buy gifts and to keep in touch.

REQUEST:  If you enjoy this Blog, please pass it on to others as I would like to get more Followers.

COMING SOON: What would YOU like to hear about? Let me know the type of things (mosaic wise) you are interested in reading about, is it lessons, commissions, upcoming events? Either leave a reply below or contact me on email.



Anniversary Blog

New Website,  New Logo

New Website, New Logo

It is exactly a year ago since I decided to dip my toe into the cyberworld of Blogging.  I had hardly read any Blogs and didn’t really understand what they were. However, when I decided I wanted an updated website that I could easily add events and photos to, I realised that nowadays most wesbites come with a Blog automatically. So, always one for a challenge, it was time to give it a go.

Louise Honan of Digital Ealing who lives nearby and I had known for a while helped me in all things Blogging and she set up the website for me.

She was great at getting me to focus on:

  • why I wanted a new website – so I could update it myself, instant ease of use  for promoting events, a new look 
  • who my target audience would bepeople interested in mosaics, gallery owners, garden designers
  • messages I wanted to put therethis is what I do, this is what I can offer, requests for help etc.

The result is this website which I think, and I hope you will agree, is a great resource, user friendly, interesting and informative. I think it successfully gets across my mosaic story and progress over the past 8 years and you also get a bit of a feel for my personality and sense of fun. Do you agree – let me know.

If you are thinking of getting a Blog or Website, I can really recommend Louise. She is professional, extremely knowledgeable and fun to work with. She has a special skill for working with creative and artistic people and helping them to showcase their work and express themselves artistically. Here is a short bio on her in her own words:

Louise Honan

Louise Honan

“Born in Dublin, I now live and work in west London. I have over 15 years experience in the digital industry working with large and small companies in both Ireland and the UK. My interest in business and how technology continually impacts our social and economic activity eventually led me to a career in the digital sphere. I’ve worked in the retail, publishing and logistics sectors. I currently run a small digital consultancy called ‘Ealing Digital’ where I get to work with professionals, other business owners, creative types and generally very interesting people.”

EalingDigitalLtdHave a look at her website and see how Louise can help you to get Blogging. www.ealingdigital.co.uk



REQUEST:  Having Blogged for a year now, am I getting it right?  What would you like to see in these Blogs – more pictures, other mosaic info, anything else? Have your say by leaving a comment below or email me.

COMING SOON: Feedback from Open Studios event