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Rosanna’s Mosaic CV

I am always being asked ‘how did you get into mosaics – have you exhibited – where can I see your work?’  I recently put my mosaic CV up onto the BAMM website so thought it would be a goo idea to show it here as well.

The finished result

The Marple Mosaic

COMING UP IN OCTOBER: ‘The Marple Collection’ – an exhibition of exciting new work at South Street Gallery

2015 – August: Invited to join the co-operative of artists at the new ‘South Street Gallery’ in Isleworth.

2015 – July: Harris + Hoole Coffee Shop invited me to display my work on a permanent basis.

2015 – June/July:  Richmond Open Studiosexhibited at Harris + Hoole Coffee Shop, St. Margarets.

2015 – March: Got my work into North East Art Collective’ Gallery’ in Northumberland.

2015 – March: 3rd year in ‘All Original’ shop.

2014 – October: Went to their AGM and joined BAMM.

I think my our work here is done. Thank you LOG CABIN for a great opportunity and fantastic experience.

I think my work here is done. Thank you LOG CABIN for a great opportunity and fantastic experience.

2014 – August: Completed The Log Cabin community project.

2014 – June/July: Took part in ARThouse – Richmond Open Studios with photographer Peter Oliver and 4 other artists, based at The Beany Boo Cafe in Whitton.

2014 – March: 2nd year in All Original’ shop.

2014 – January / February: Exhibited at Court Farm Gallery.

Why not make yet another, even bigger mosaic to raffle?? Souldn't take too long!

‘Hollyhocks’ raised £1,250 for the Log Cabin children’s charity.

2013 – December: Made and raffled a large outdoor mosaic, raised £1,250 for The Log Cabin.

2013 – December: Art and Craft Sale at Pitshanger Methodist Hall.

2013 – March: Started selling my work in the new designer/maker shop ‘All Original’ in Ealing.

2012 – December: Art and Craft Sale at Pitshanger Methodist Hall.

2012 – October: Started selling my work in a designer/maker shop in Whitley Bay, Northumberland.

Tools of the trade

Tools of the trade

2012 – October: Demonstration evenings at Hobbycraft in Greenford.

2012 – August: Started on a voluntary community project, making several large outdoor mosaics for The Log Cabin children’s charity in West London. 90% materials were donated by small local businesses and individuals.

2012 – July: I was invited to demonstrate at the Traditional Crafts Weekend at The Wetlands Centre in Barnes

Paperweight Stones

Paperweight Stones

2011 – December: My friend Sally who introduced me to Osterley and makes beautiful textile work, suggested we organise an Art and Craft  Sale locally at Pitshanger Methodist Hall, inviting local artists we knew to take part.

2011 – July/August: 2nd Exhibition at The Garden Gallery, Osterley House.

Norweigan Moonlight

Norweigan Moonlight

2011 – April: Exhibition at Runnymede Gallery, Old Windsor.

2010 – December: Christmas Craft Fair at Osterley House.

2010 – April / May: First exhibition at The Garden Gallery, Osterley House, a National Trust Property. My friend Sally sent me an application form and I filled it in! I loved the whole experience and was amazed at the amount I sold.

2009 – October: Got a few pieces of my work into local Ealing shops; Stems flower shop and Barbara Tobias dressmaking studio.

2009 –  March: Julia had originally been taught mosaic by her friend Aimee Harman – an amazing mosaic artist who’s website had really inspired me after that first introduction. Julia and I did a weekend course with Aimee in her fantastic studio – a day of fused glass and then a day of mosaic, incorporating our glass pieces.

Large Terracotta Pot

Large Terracotta Pot

2008 – September: Following the Ros Waites course I did the odd mirror and pot but didn’t really have a mosaic focus. During a weekend trip to Bath I stumbled across the Mosaic Shop on Poultney Bridge and it was like stepping into an Aladins Cave! A riot of beautiful mosaics tiles in different materials and wonderful colours. They also had templates so I bought a ‘zebra design’ and that gave me my focus. This was the point where I got ‘hooked’ on mosaics, I was off!

2008 – April: My friend Anne had also got interested in mosaics and she suggested we did a course. Did a beginners weekend course with Ros Waites, where I was taught how to cut and place, learnt aout the different materials, techniques and basics of mosaic.

My First Mosaic

My First Mosaic

 2007 – 29th July:  Met Julia for the first time and she encouraged me to make my first mosaic, a small coaster.




COMING SOON: Rosanna’s Mosaics and Social Media


Mosaics and Marketing

cropped-p1050225.jpgObviously I love making the mosaics, but I also really enjoy all the marketing, networking and PR that is required if you want to reach a wider audience, which I certainly am hoping to do with the help of this website and word of mouth.

cropped-p1040920.jpgThat is part of the reason I enjoy having exhibitions and getting into new venues so much as I love creating the posters, flyers, press releases and going out on the network circuit to promote them. I enjoy the whole process and project. 

New Website,  New Logo

New Logo Colours

During my mosaic journey I have had a variety of business cards and flyers in various colours and designs although I do like the  ‘mosaic tile’ effect and think it works well for me. I am hoping my latest business card has gone up a notch and will appeal to my target audience of gallery owners / people wanting commissions.

A few Blogs ago I gave a mention to Louise from Ealing Digital who set up this website to help me market Rosanna’s Mosaics to my target audience. However, an even bigger ‘THANK YOU’ must go to Dr. Simon Davey who has in fact created 5 websites over the course of the years for me! 

Simon works with , young people, small business and the voluntary sector, his strapline is  ‘Empowering, enabling, educating… empathically.’


Dr Simon Davey

I first met Simon when I was working with Business in the Community. He created a website for my ProHelp Programme, which  brokered professional skills into the voluntary sector – amounting to £1 million pounds worth in one  year.

When I  went self employed, Simon set me up again with a website. Although I don’t do my professional work any more, I know a lot of people want to know what I did before mosaics took hold so I can direct them to that website and people can see the type of professional work I got involved in: www.conkerconsulting.co.uk

Original Logo Colours

Original Logo Colours

When I got into mosaics it was time to call  in Simon again and ask him to work his website magic. He created my first artistic website which  was a new challenge for him as it was a departure from his usual client’s requirements.It is still out there in cyberspace, do have a look to see how I have evolved over the years. That site will be coming down later in the year but for now it is still available on www.rosannasmosaics.co.uk

Simon has remained a good friend and was extremely helpful when I was making the difficult transition from employed to self employed and again from professional to artistic. Do have a look at the incredible work he does and here are some of his quotes from his website:

  • simon2“I lead projects. I take an idea and turn it into a plan and then build a small team to make it happen and get on with it.
  • Most of my work is with young people or technology. Sometimes both.
  • Big picture and attention to detail – it gets me out of bed in the morning and gives me a reason for living.
  • Think of me as a catalyst and a lighter of fires. I want the world to be a better place for me being in it.”

REQUEST:  Who do you know that could benefit from working with Simon? 

COMING SOON: New month, new news!


July Review

As we come towards the end of July I realise that it has been a very busy and productive month for Rosanna’s Mosaics. So here is an update of activities.


The Gallery in Newcastle

I really enjoy being in such a prestigious gallery,  The North East Collective , which is in the Newcastle main shopping centre. John and Catherine are lovely and friendly and I always get a great welcome when I pop in. I have also sold 4 pieces so things are looking very positive.

Harris + Hoole Coffee Shop, with Steph

Harris + Hoole Coffee Shop, with Steph

It was great fun taking part in Richmond Open Studios for the second year and it was lovely to have my work displayed in Harris + Hoole coffee shop at St. Margarets. I demonstrated on both Sundays and got a lot of interest in my work and mosaic lessons as well as making some sales. Owner Steph has kindly invited me to remain exhibiting in Harris + Hoole so my work is now on show and on sale there. It is fantastic to be showing my work in such a friendly and busy venue.

I have now been Blogging for a year. I really enjoy it and hope to  attract more Followers. One of the main reasons for Blogging was to get myself known further afield and to get into some Galleries. So far I am in 2 new venues so I think we can call that a result!

To help me with my marketing I have got some newly designed  Business Cards with my new Logo. I wanted to raise my profile a bit more and think that the  new style is more in keeping with my target audience of Gallery owners and exhibiting opportunities. Do let me know what you think.

New Website,  New Logo

New Logo

My First Mosaic

My First Mosaic

So it is 8 years ago this month that my friend Julia got me to make my first mosaic!  Although I enjoyed making the small coaster (it took me all afternoon!), I did not think I would do any more. How wrong a person can be! Thank you Julia, I will be forever be grateful for you saying “Do you like mosaics” (not really), “Would you like to make one” (Hmmm, no, but it’s a long time til we have supper so I may as well).  The rest, as they say, is history!!!!

So my shed has no official name but is being used on a very regular basis for mosaics making (as well as gardening) so sometimes it is ‘The Grout House’ and other times ‘The Cutting Room’. I am currently spending a lot of time in there making a New Commission that I have received for a piece that will be going to France. Watch this space as I hope to have photos soon.

All Original Shop

All Original Shop

I have (reluctantly) decided it is time to leave the All Original shop where I have been selling my mosaics since it first opened in March 2013.  I do feel very sad about this as I have been with Catherine from the start of her journey when she first phoned me up and said ‘I may have done the most impulsive thing, but I am taking a lease on a shop‘. Since then the shop has gone from strength to strength and  is now well established in Ealing as the place to buy unique gifts. My decision to leave has been a long time in coming as I love being part of the All Original family. However, I do feel my mosaic work is becoming more ‘art’ than ‘craft’ and a Gallery and exhibition environment is more suited to where I want to be, going forward.

A find farewell to Catherine and her team including Laura, Jane, Gill, Vanessa and Emma.  Thank you to Catherine for all your help and support over the last two and a half years.  I will still be popping in to buy gifts and to keep in touch.

REQUEST:  If you enjoy this Blog, please pass it on to others as I would like to get more Followers.

COMING SOON: What would YOU like to hear about? Let me know the type of things (mosaic wise) you are interested in reading about, is it lessons, commissions, upcoming events? Either leave a reply below or contact me on email.



Name The Shed Competition

P1050061Regular readers will know that Alan bought me a shed for my birthday and my aim is to use it for gardening and mosaicing. Already I seem to be spending a lot of my time in it.  As well as the above it has also been used for evening drinks and breakfasts catching the early morning sunshine! I am currently working on a new commission and it is providing the ideal space for spreading out all my tiles and equipment.

Calling it a ‘shed’ does not seem to do it justice, it needs a proper name. Lots of people have made suggestions and I said in the previous Blog we would have a competition. So here we go:

Listed below are the suggestions:

Mosaic Mansion

Rosanna’s Retreat

RHS Ealing (Rosanna Henderson’s Shed – Ealing)

Hendo’s Hideaway

The Log Cabin (see previous Blog)

The Mole Hole (Mosaic / Leisure)

The Studio Shed

The Garden Room

The Grout House

The Creative Cabin

The Craft Cabin

The Room of Requirements (as in Harry Potter)

The Cutting Room

REQUEST: To vote for your favourite, either ‘Leave a Reply below or email me

COMING SOON: ……..and the name of the Shed is ****





Anniversary Blog

New Website,  New Logo

New Website, New Logo

It is exactly a year ago since I decided to dip my toe into the cyberworld of Blogging.  I had hardly read any Blogs and didn’t really understand what they were. However, when I decided I wanted an updated website that I could easily add events and photos to, I realised that nowadays most wesbites come with a Blog automatically. So, always one for a challenge, it was time to give it a go.

Louise Honan of Digital Ealing who lives nearby and I had known for a while helped me in all things Blogging and she set up the website for me.

She was great at getting me to focus on:

  • why I wanted a new website – so I could update it myself, instant ease of use  for promoting events, a new look 
  • who my target audience would bepeople interested in mosaics, gallery owners, garden designers
  • messages I wanted to put therethis is what I do, this is what I can offer, requests for help etc.

The result is this website which I think, and I hope you will agree, is a great resource, user friendly, interesting and informative. I think it successfully gets across my mosaic story and progress over the past 8 years and you also get a bit of a feel for my personality and sense of fun. Do you agree – let me know.

If you are thinking of getting a Blog or Website, I can really recommend Louise. She is professional, extremely knowledgeable and fun to work with. She has a special skill for working with creative and artistic people and helping them to showcase their work and express themselves artistically. Here is a short bio on her in her own words:

Louise Honan

Louise Honan

“Born in Dublin, I now live and work in west London. I have over 15 years experience in the digital industry working with large and small companies in both Ireland and the UK. My interest in business and how technology continually impacts our social and economic activity eventually led me to a career in the digital sphere. I’ve worked in the retail, publishing and logistics sectors. I currently run a small digital consultancy called ‘Ealing Digital’ where I get to work with professionals, other business owners, creative types and generally very interesting people.”

EalingDigitalLtdHave a look at her website and see how Louise can help you to get Blogging. www.ealingdigital.co.uk



REQUEST:  Having Blogged for a year now, am I getting it right?  What would you like to see in these Blogs – more pictures, other mosaic info, anything else? Have your say by leaving a comment below or email me.

COMING SOON: Feedback from Open Studios event





My Mosaic Story – June Update

I cannot believe we are now well into June – where has the time gone?? A lot has been going on with Rosanna’s Mosaics this month so here is a quick update:

P1030894New Studio – my new studio/shed is slowly being filled with mosaic wood, adhesives, grouts, gardening tools etc. although there is still room for a couple of chairs and a bottle of wine. Alan has put shelves up and is now getting the electrics sorted out for me.

P1040917Commission – The commission piece is now completed. We will be going to Derbyshire next week to deliver it to its new owners. Once they have seen and approved it, I will get some photos up for you to see it.

Arthouse blue thumbnailARThouse Richmond Open Studios – has a Pop Up Exhibition for the duration of the Open Studios event. I went to the launch on Tuesday evening and saw a lovely range of artwork and met several of my fellow artists. Do go along if you get a chance, the address is 1-3 Richmond Road, Twickenham, TW1 3AB. There are all sorts of activities from now until the end of the festival in July including workshops, networking events and coffee mornings.  For more info visit www.arthouseopenstudios.co.uk 

Harris & Hoole – my work is now on display at Harris + Hoole Coffee Shop near St. Margarets station and will be there for the duration of the Open Studios event. As well as great coffee they serve delish cakes and lunches – do pop in.

Don’t forget I am still REQUESTING  name suggestions for the shed – please let me know your ideas either by pressing the’Leave a Reply’ button below or by emailing me: rosannasmosaics@gmail.com

That is it for now – more details on all the above COMING SOON




A New Mosaic Studio?

When my ‘special birthday’ was coming up, hubby Alan asked me what I wanted as a ‘special pressie’. Now maybe most ‘ladies of a certain age’ would want jewellery, a spa treat, perfume or to be pampered for the weekend.


The New Shed

Well, I knew exactly what I wanted – a new garden shed!

In order to make room in our medium size London back garden, a lot of preparation was needed. An old rockery and a some brick retaining walls had to be demolished, the area then had to be totally flattened, old plants removed, cleared and dug over. Finally, the concrete base had to be made using the old rocks and bricks as hardcore.


Laying the concrete base.

We ordered the shed from Harrow Fencing as we had used them before, they are a small family run local independent company, very professional, informative and friendly and they had the exact model I wanted. We were told 6 weeks to delivery which gave us plenty of time – or so we thought! In the end it was ready within 3 weeks so we were on a very tight schedule to get all the preparation done in time for delivery day. Happily the weather was on our side and  we were able to get all the clearance work done and Alan was able to lay the concrete base just in time. It was delivered and erected professionally and quickly  by the guys from Harrow Fencing and it fits in with the rest of the garden really well. I am delighted with it.

Sunshine Step Stone

Sunshine Step Stone by the shed entrance

My sunshine’stepping stone’ welcomes people in. So far we have christened the new arrival  with champagne, had breakfast in there and also evening drinks. I have now moved all my mosaic wood and heavy supplies in as well as my garden tools.  I intend to use it as a potting shed and an outside mosaic studio for grouting and large mosaic making. I need a name for it so that I can make a mosaic sign – something that incorporates mosaics, gardening and maybe a bit of leisure!  Any ideas???

REQUEST: Rosanna’s Retreat, The Craft Cabin, Hendo’s Hideaway? Can you help me come up with a suitable name please. All suitable suggestions will be put forward and maybe we can have a vote.

COMING SOON: Open Studios – Pop Up Ehibition




A Slow Mosaic Start to 2015


IMG_0763Like nearly everyone I know, I have been hit by the nasty bugs that seem to have been going round for ages and refuse to budge. Starting before Christmas with a sore throat and loss of voice, it progressed into a really bad cough and resulting in very low energy levels. This means I have pretty much been out of action all of January.

However, I’m a great believer that good can come from everything. As I have been housebound I took the opportunity to have a bit of a tidy up and tackle my admin. I have sorted out all the photos on my computer including mosaic ones as far back as 2009.  Its been really good fun looking back at them all and re-living those mosaic pieces. Its interesting to see how I have phases when I did a lot of outdoor pots or trivets and coasters.  Then followed a period where it was all lizards and frogs on rocks for outdoors.

I find it interesting to see how my style has changed and developed over the years, especially as I discovered new materials or techniques to try.

P1040795My most recent pieces of mosaic art seem to be long panels with an abstract style incorporating a range of materials including stained glass. These mosaics are particularly suitable for commissions  or to show in exhibitions or to display in a gallery.

Once I am fully recovered I aim to create a new range of mosaics, initially to sell in the shop but also as an outdoor range for people to commission. They will be based on a wildlife theme and I hope to show you a proto-type next time.

In the meantime, I hope you all remain germ free and are settling in to what I hope will be a great 2015 for us all.

COMING NEXT: Updates on the website.




Highlights from 2014

Firstly, best wishes to all my ‘Blog Followers’ for 2015.  I hope the year is healthy, happy, fun and successful for us all.

2014 was a great year for me both personally and mosaic-wise.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • exhibited at Court Farm Gallery (met the lovely Ania)
  • Richmond Open Studios (with Peter Oliver and other artists)
  • entered’ Art in the Garden’ competition (didn’t win!)
  • raffled ‘Hollyhocks’ mosaic, raised £1,250 for Log Cabin
  • completed ‘Log Cabin Community Mosaic Project’ after 2 years
  • found Bexhill home for Bexhill mosaic
  • started ‘The Martin Cheek Challenge’ – one down, a lot more to go!
  • completed and delivered ‘Amy’s Mosaic Fireguard’
  • created new ‘Beach House’ range of mosaics
  • been mosaicking for 7 years
  • got a new mosaic website – this one!
  • became a Blogger!
  • 301 Facebook Likes
  • ran several mosaic lessons
  • new supplier:  Mosaic Workshop – with Trolley Dollies
  • record number of commissions including 3 clocks and a giraffe
  • joined BAMM – British Society of Mosaic Makers

and on the personal front:

  • swam at the London Aquatic Olympic Pool
  • experienced the poppy installation at the Tower of London
  • celebrated a ‘very special birthday’


COMING SOON: what would YOU like to see coming soon?  If you would like more info on any of the above, please do let me know. Obviously I am keen to do Blogs on the subjects that interest you so do let me know.




My Mosaic Story – Kitty’s Workshop


Metal sculpture by Kitty Hartnell

So having got interested in making mosaics I started to buy supplies and materials and made various mosaics from projects suggested in books. However, I really wanted to join a group of other mosaic makers in order to learn more, get ideas, swop tips and techniques and be part of a group. I tried to see if there were any groups locally but most were ‘art groups’ that didn’t really fit the bill.


Mosaic Poppies by Kitty Hartnell

Now isn’t funny how, when you want something, it often materialises. Purely by chance, I went to a charity craft evening run by Kitty Hartnell, a metal and mosaic maker. After chatting for a while Kitty told me she runs a weekly workshop, for people of all levels interested in making mosaics, and invited me along to a session.

Since becoming a regular at Kitty’s weekly mosaic workshops, I know my technique, style and confidence have improved greatly. Kitty does not give lessons as such – we are all at different stages and make what we want. However, she provides constant advice and guidance and will teach a skill or technique as requested. She is brilliant on colour and texture and always seems to find that ‘special’ tile that really makes the mosaic come alive.

St. Marys Lighthouse

the ‘fence’ !

I am not artistically trained so Kitty – in her gentle, understated way – has really helped my work to progress – I have learnt so much about scale, formation, structure, colour and materials. She has really helped me with my artistic ‘eye’ especially on perspective, scale and structure. The first time I made a mosaic based on a photo, I spent 3 hours putting in a ‘fence’ and 10 minutes de-glueing it, so at the end of the session I had an empty board! The following week Kitty helped me with the perspective and now people always comment on how good that fence is and how it makes the piece so realistic.


Mosaic by Kitty Hartnell

Kitty won’t accept the phrase ‘that will do’. So even when I make mosaics at home I can hear her words in my ear, sometimes annoyingly, so if a piece is wrong, I can’t ignore it – it won’t do!

Have a look at her website to see the beautiful mosaic and metalwork pieces that Kitty makes.